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Welcome to the best Iron Maiden Lyrics page, this site is just a resource to the lyrics of one of the greatest bands in the world. All biographys and images are taken from the Iron Maiden web site with the intention to spread the mighty of this great band.
There is no intention to break any copyright material, I'm just a fan of Iron Maiden, so if want to use the images and/or lyrics from this page, it is your own risk.

All the lyrics on this site has been checked with the booklets of every album to give you the correct content of every song

I hope you enjoy the site as I did building it, this site is made for you and for all the Maiden Fans all over the world, also for the ones that begin to discover the power and mighty of Metal. Long live the Heavy Metal !!

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Check for the "Best Of The Beast" album to see the lyrics for the song "Virus" that appears only in this album! , also the album "The Number Of The Beast" album for the lyrics of "Total Eclipse" that appears only in the enhanced CD version

Click on an album cover to see their detailed information, also you can use the "Quick Song Index" at the bottom of the page to access the lyrics of a specific song.

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Iron Maiden Lyrics

Iron Maiden Lyrics: Iron Maiden Iron Maiden Lyrics: Killers Iron Maiden Lyrics: The Number Of The Beast Iron Maiden Lyrics: Piece Of Mind
Iron Maiden (1980) Killers (1981) The Number Of The Beast (1982) Piece Of Mind (1983)
Iron Maiden Lyrics: Powerslave Iron Maiden Lyrics: Live After Death Iron Maiden Lyrics: Somewhere In Time Iron Maiden Lyrics: Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Powerslave (1984) Live After Death (1985) Somewhere In Time (1986) Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (1988)
Iron Maiden Lyrics: No Prayer For The Dying ron Maiden Lyrics: Fear Of The Dark Iron Maiden Lyrics: A Real Live Dead One Iron Maiden Lyrics: Live At Donington
No Prayer For The Dying (1990) Fear Of The Dark (1992) A Real Live Dead One (1993) Live At Donington (1993)
Iron Maiden Lyrics: The X Factor Iron Maiden Lyrics: Best Of The Beast Iron Maiden Lyrics: Virtual XI Iron Maiden Lyrics: Brave New World
The X Factor (1995) Best Of The Beast (1996) Virtual XI (1998) Brave New World (2000)
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