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Site Update: I have been busy recently and have not had time to upload any more updates to this site. I plan to keep this site the way it is with no further updates. This site will remain as a beginners tutorial for now. I may update in the future but for now if you want to continue learning c++ and would like a more advanced site, I recommend www.oocities.org/sstutor
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Beginning C++
This tutorial will introduce you to C++ programming and teach you the basics of C++
What is C++?
C++ is an easy to learn computer programming language. As long as you read the instructions in the tutorial carefully, you should not run into any problems. The tutorials on this site will be the best and easiest C++ tutorials you can find on the web. 
Input, Output and Variables
This tutoial introduces you to input, output and variables in c++
I have seen many websites that offer C++ tutorials for beginners and let me tell you, none of them were for beginners. This site is designed for beginners who have never done any sort of computer programming before. Just follow the tutorials on the left and work your way down until you become an expert. The best way to learn something is actually doing it so in the tutorials we will be making programs. But before you start you will need the following things:
Operators and more complex projects
Here, we make our game more complex.
A compiler is a program that compiles your code that you write into an executable program. When you compile the code, it may compile successfully or you you might get an error message from the compiler telling you where you made the mistake. Microsoft visual C++ is a good compiler but it is a large file and it took me hours to download. I recommend Bloodshed Dev C++ compiler. I have tried many compilers and this one is the best and its free software. You can download the newest version here: http://umn.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/dev-cpp/devcpp4980.exe or click on the link below.
Learn how to make code execute over again.
variable types in C++
Make your program do more
Text editor
You may need a text editor for some compilers. Usually the compiler has one built in but if you need one, Windows Notepad will work just fine.
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