JR Inkjet Refill

Steve Shine invented the Universal Inkjet Refill in November 1993 together with his wife Hazel, before JR Inkjet even existed!

Steve's daughter Zoe designed the packaging which remained virtually unchanged for 7 years using Coral Draw on the home PC.

Alan Marcus at that time had a cosmetics company and new virtually nothing about inkjet printers or products.

He did not invent the Universal Inkjet Refill Kit and therefore the statement on JR Inkjet's web site that he did is totally untrue.

Shortly afterwards Steve started JR Inkjet as a partnership with Alan Marcus. Alan Marcus continued to run his cosmetics business and had very little to do with Inkjet.

Steve working from one desk in the cosmetic company's warehouse quickly built JR inkjet into a thriving business.

To be continued.............

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