called ISLA, was born on the 14th of August in 2008. His sire is WINDWARRIOR´S MASTERHOOD ( Windwarrior´s Blue Highlander x Pavesi Blue Wind) and his dam is WINDWARRIOR´S NOBLE POISON (Windwarrior´s Frantic Charm x Windwarrior´s I Myself).

ISLA was made out of four great dogs; Fin W-99 Windwarrior´s Blue Dragon, Pavesi Blue Jonquest, WW-98 Pavesi Miss Aussie and Pavesi Blue Wind. I made Isla for myself. He was never for sale. I wished Isla to be a bitch, but Nature decided Isla to be a male :)
Isla is friendly and stormy ACD boy. He is allways full of energy.

Isla 6 months old

Isla with his mum Nökö

Isla with his dad Liero

Isla with his parents Nökö and Liero

Isla 8 weeks old

Isla taking a snap with his grandsire´s halfsister Oikku.

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