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2.9.02 Updated some stuff.
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This week is Assault Rifle Week

Selection of the week:
1- K7 Avenger
2- AR34
3- Dragon
4- SuperDragon
5- Shield
6- Disabled

Theories: The dataDyne Security Guard- This character would have probably been used in the dataDyne: Defection and Investigation levels instead of the dataDyne Infantry we see today. He would have also made an appearance when Cassandra activated the alarm.

In Area 51: Infiltration, there is a man in a brown armored suit who holds twin Magsec 4's. Why is he there? I think that there was a possibility that he would have worn the brown "Beta Head" helmet (found in the Combat Simulator). He would have gotten onto the Hoverbike, then chased you down, leading you out to where you would be cut to shreds by an Interceptor. It's interesting, and it makes sense.  You must have my written response in the Guestbook to put this on a personal page or a forum board. Simply ask for permission, get a reply, and you can use it. I can deny requests, too, so don't think that you're guaranteed to use it for just writing in the Guestbook, lol.
Perfect Dark Stuff
GoldenEye Stuff
GoldenEye: Did you know that there is an actual antenna cradle? It was once used to try to contact extraterrestrial beings. I think it is located in Puerto Rico.

Codes and Cheats: Alright. You've been racking your brains for the longest time trying to figure out how to get the time cheats. Never fear. The cheats start out with Secret Agent, 00 Agent, Agent, Secret Agent, and so forth. I bet you didn't know that.
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