Feb- 18 Right this is official I have re-done everything under a new name and come the end of next week, when you come to this adress you will arrive at the ALL NEW version, I have been so busy doing that I forgot to tell everyone!!!! It is much quicker to load, and a lot easier to navigate...It took me about 2 or 3 days to re-do the scripts because there were so many, so if you see an error in them, please tell me!!! Anywasy all the new stuff will  be there and whats not finished here, will be finished there...hope you like it once its done...Bi!!!
Feb 13- Well it was my birthday yesterday so I have tonnes of new stuff and I'm happy, I'm sure you really care but I just thougth I'd tell you...well anyways I'm back and I have tonnes of updating to do, so look out for tonnes of new stuff!!!! I have a new affiliate, tonnes new awards, and I have transcripts of the new eps, so they will be up soon, so just keep cheking back!!!
Hey, welcome to my Buffy page, incase you don't normally watch Buffy it started with a 16 year old girl, from California. She is the chosen one, the one who's duty it is to slay vampires and kill demons. Along with her friends Willow- ex-geek, turned werewolf lover, Xander - a total loser and class clown, Giles - her watcher and father figure,&  Anya - ex vengance demon turned loud-mouth, Riley - Iowa boy, demon hunter who is used to taking orders, they all fight the forces of evil. Sometimes with Buffy's ex Angel, popping in and out of the scenes.
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