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I collect TV theme tunes, adverts, station idents, test card music, radio stuff and more.
Many of my themes have been very hard to get hold of, arriving from people in the television industry, and aren't available to the general public.
On Boxing Day 2000 I was told about Napster by someone in a chat room & I joined this excellent music swapping service.
I put a few themes on there to see if anyone would be interested in them.
The answer was a definite YES!
I was soon contacted by users from all over the world who said I had themes they had been trying to track down looking for for a long time, while regulars wanted me to add more and more to my download list.
I soon had 500 themes on-line, but I was increasingly keen to make my video collection available, which I wasn't able to do on Napster.
In March 2001 I discovered WinMx, another swapping service, on which you are able to swap any file format.
I promptly joined, and am now gradually uploading my themes - both audio and video - onto it.
Sadly, due to copyright problems, Napster has closed, but Winmx is unstoppable as it uses many sources.

WinMx is available
You need Real Player to play the video's which are .rm and .ram files. Get it
Both are free.
You need to add Realplayer files to the list of files you can exchange on the Winmix program - they are not listed by default.
Search for a theme, and if I am on line, you are sure to see my username which is redjerrysboy, then you will be able to see what I have online, which is being added to contantly. If you put me in your hotlist, you will be able to get to the themes instantly.
I also like mixes and have many from Music factory, DMC, Hot Tracks, Disconet, and others, and these are available too.
Feel free to
e-mail me with any comments or questions, or ask me what you are looking for.
And also visit my guestbook.

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