Belle Mead Tumblers

     I'm Tony Vanzino, and welcome to Belle Mead Tumblers, where I used to fly Highflying Tumblers. (See many more photos by clicking Highflying Tumblers on last line.)  As a kid, my dad picked up a coop from a farm, bought some pigeons from Dr. Locke in Monroe and Mr. Folk in Jamesburg, and we began to raise many breeds as a hobby:  Fantails, Homers, Nuns, Priests, Silver Kings & Tumblers.  I really enjoyed the hobby, and most of all enjoyed watching the Tumblers.  The way they would fly around and simply, tumble, amazed me.

     It's amazing how much I forgot about the upkeep of the hobby.  I guess my dad did a lot I never knew about.  Anyway, I  raised a few breeds of Persian Highflying Tumblers.  One is larger, with longer wings & tail, while the other is smaller in size.  Both have great endurance for flying.  You can compare them above. They fly very slowly, high in the sky just below the clouds at up to 1000', straight up above the loft, and stay up for many hours.  They simply play around in the sky, tumbling.  They are an amazing bird to watch providing quite the aerial show!  Here's a link which talks about how 
I train my young ones.  

      I especially liked watching them from a location about 200 yards from my loft, on a slight elevation.  As I watched them circling above the loft, I could see some of them start a vertical climb upwards and then tumble.  It was neat to watch!

     Their colors are rich, showing variations of Ash Red, Blue/Black & White's.  Many of this breed also show speckles of white around the head, neck and wings, called Grizzle, which adds to the beauty of the bird's color pattern.  I had also worked on bringing Indigo into this breed and producing Andalusians. Take a look at some of the Belle Mead Tumblers in their various color patterns, and you can also read more about
pigeon genetics and how color and sexes are more than just chance!

                                                                     I enjoyed flying them for almost 8 years.