Donna's TV Home

Hi all since you have arrived I guess you have found what you were looking for. I would like to intorduce myself I AM DONNA hear me roar. Please be kind for this is my first attempt at a Home Page and I am learning. I have updated the first pic it IS the REAL me. Let me know what you think. BIO I am 50 ish male living in a house of 3 feamles so I geuss that makes four of us. I have been a crossdresser since the tender age of 6 when i started in my grandmothers house.I grew up hidding and repressed, but still enjoied every minute. Dressing is the one place that I feel relaxed and free of the stress of the world. It is (for now) my private refuge where life is calm and soft. I will add more soon but for now I must give a big thanks to a wonderful friend who helped this page come about. Daphne Decker is a wonderful person who all should seek out and give a big hug and kiss. Thank you DAPHNE for all the help

DEC 2003

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