Leida Cadiz - Bio
just a child of GOD 727-824-7759
Romania-worked with Underground Evangelism for the distribution of Bibles in Communits countries
Romania - worked with Underground Evagelism for distribution of Bibles and other supplies to orphanages and  Christians in Communists' countries
Member of Concerned Woman for America, here with the President Beverly La Haye
In concert
California 1992
Member of Christian Motorcyclists Association witnessing - California - The LOVE RIDE organized by Jay Leno & Peter Fonda Nov. 2000
Article issued by the State of Florida Dept. of Labor with Leida and 1 of her students
Leida at 12 yrs. old was president of the children's assoc. of her church, leading services on the streets, singing and sharing the message of salvation. JOHN 3:16 
Since then:  Sunday School Teacher and Youth Group Director.  Received Mother of the Year Award in Tampa, FLorida.  Taught Spanish for missionaries,  assisted in fund raisers for the distribution of supplies to communist lands, orphanages,  has ministered in Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico, many states including Alaska, also in European countries like Romania, Germany, Austria, Holland and Hungry.   Many burst in laughter as she shares the fire she had in her home ( a great cook), Author of Pearls of Wisdom Seminars and Devotionals.

Interviewed in many radio and TV stations including a documentary in California of Women in a Ministerial Leadership roles.  Former Public Relations Director of KMRO largest Spanish Christian radio in the USA based in California and Publicity Chairman for the After 5 Club - Stonecroft Ministries, Dallas TX. Producer of
the award winning TV Program ENIGMA??? for over 10 yrs. Former Sr. Producer of the 4th largest cable TV Network in the USA - nationwide & international 6-7 hrs. daily live broadcasts.  Spanish Teacher with the Pinellas County Board of Education. Co-founder of Uzziel Christian Singles International, and Spanish ministry in prisons nationwide for over 15 yrs. leader of Club de Femme for business women.  Producer of radio broadcasts reaching 300 million approximately in 35 countries. Please keep Leida in your prayers!!!  Now Leida has a vision for LOVE REVEALED a christian Historical Park a major project in planning stages.  In a song sister Leida wrote: "Don't dwell in the pain, is time wasted in vain. HE knows your hurts, don't live them again.  Don't rehearse your wounds is time to go on, and in Jesus arms, you'll feel secure! For booking information: please call 727-824-7759   or   email:  TVENIGMA@YAHOO.COM
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