Frankie Johnson, Director
Calvary Prison Ministry
Matthew 25: 36 "I was in prison and you came to visit me."
Hebrews 13:3 "Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners."

11 McMullen-Booth Rd. * Clearwater, FL  33759
We believe the first giant step toward rehabilitation is learning to love and trust GOD, thereby learning to love others and yourself.  We are called to motivate  and cultivate this love through songs and testimony.  By bringing this message we are trusting GOD to break the high recidivism rate in our country. Funding is raised through concerts in churches and/or special events.
One day over twenty years ago, GOD gave me  vision.  I saw a sea of faces.  I saw the pain and felt every hurt a person in prison could feel.  In that moment GOD poured HIS Love unto me and HE told me -"Tell them that I love them and because I love them, you can love them."
     Leida,       Frankie     Janet       Linda         Karen        David
     Cadiz        Johnson     Foltz       Skelding    Robertson  Edmiston
Calvary Prison Ministry Singers are members of different churches who have come together to invade Satan's territory. Janet Foltz now retired has been a member of Calvary Prison Ministry since its inception.   Leida Cadiz ministers in Spanish now for over 12 years.
Linda, Karen and David have been with the ministry also for over 11 years. 
Karen Robertson and Frankie Johnson also minister at the Pinellas County Jail
CALVARY PRISON MINISTRY goes to over 32 prisons in the state of Florida, and also to correctional institutions in NY, RI,MA, TX, KY, NC, SC, GA, TN, IL,AL, NJ, OH, LA and wherever the LORD opens the doors.
Ron Joyce also a member of the team with a powerful testimony of restoration.
Pearl Hall with an incredible healing testimony  and Leida Cadiz of the Calvary Prison Ministry Team and Uzziel Christians Singles International bringing clothing, supplies and toys to the children in Mexico.
Leida Cadiz now over 12 years ministering in Spanish extends an invitation to other Spanish speaking ministers to join us.  There is a great need for Spanish Christian Music, and Spanish Bible studies.  In many correctional institutions they always ask for us to return soon and to have a chapel service or Bible studies in Spanish. We want to express our appreciation to those who have already helped us to bring supplies and Christian literature.  It is a great opportunity to reach them before they return to the streets and become our neighbors or your family or friend's neighbor.  Plese pray for us and write to us or sign our GuestBook.