Indian Ocean Tsunami Detector
By Tea Vui Huang

The disastrous 26th December 2004 earthquake that struck the unmonitored Indian Ocean has to date caused the death of over 117,000 lives in across 11 countries. Although an international system of buoys and monitoring stations spans the Pacific, no such system guards the Indian Ocean.

Asian governments are currently discussing plans to coordinate efforts to develop an Indian Ocean system. In the current absence, I would like to offer this as an interim aid. While this may not represent the most accurate estimations, it's certainly on the side of caution and probability.

Instruction: Please click on "yes" when prompted by the web browser to accept the Java Applet.
This detection system only monitors sea-bound earthquakes around the Burma Microplate that are of Tsunami magnitudes.

Live data sourced from United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) Earthquake Hazards Program

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