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Mobilecast 1.0 (215 KB)
Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0 (18 MB)


Mobilecast is a Podcast-to-AMR converter for Mobile Phones. Once installed and configured, Mobilecast will be run by iPodder after each podcast download. It will split the Podcast into segments of 10 min AMR (NB/WB) audio files for the mobile phone.

AMR audio is widely supported in mobile phones, e.g. Nokia Series 40 and Series 60 phones. AMR is short for Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) audio codec (3GPP TS 26.090: "AMR Speech Codec; Speech transcoding",
Source Code). It is a variable bit rate (VBR) codec that ranges from 4.75-12.2 kbit/s for narrowband (NB-AMR), and 6.60-23.85 kbit/s for wide-band (WB-AMR). Native WB-AMR support is limited to 3G mobile phones at the moment, to playback WB-AMR files on 2G/2G+ mobiles you can download and install third-party audio players like the Helix Player for Symbian OS.


  • Most mobile phones are not able to play MP3 audio files, but they can play (MMS) AMR audio files
  • MP3 audio files are relatively large for mobile phones, AMR files are 3-6 times smaller in size
  • Previously the user would have to manually convert each podcast file, now it's automated
  • Most mobile phones audio players do not have a "rewind" button. Thus if the playback is interrupted by a call etc, the user will have to listen from the start of the podcast. With this software, the podcast is split into 10 min segments, hence resuming playback is not as disruptive


    AMR Narrow-Band (2G/2G+)

    AMR Wide-Band (3G)


    CPU: Pentium III 650 MHz
    AMR-NB conversion time ~6 min
    AMR-WB conversion time ~10 min

    AMR-NB compression ratio 6:1 (e.g. 22Mb to 3Mb)
    AMR-WB compression ratio 3:1 (e.g. 22Mb to 7Mb)


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