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Newest member of the family..taken 6/8/04Lucky
oh.. and the one on the left used to be me.....Actually, I think that this little cartoon I drew about 4 years ago is a bit more realistic..whoooops!! time do fly...it's now been about 12 or 13 years ago!!!

Daaaaa - -Dum Dump ta doodle diddle ..
; ) ; D

This non-commercial Web site, not trying to sell anything... just another Brink ... a jumping off place to a few interesting sites! You don't have to buy anything, join or subscribe to anything, just browse as you see fit.

'course there will be pop ups but some of them's how they pay for the space! You might want to visit some of their sponsors.... but no one is holding a gun to your head.

I also am in the big fat middle of genealogy research and I found this picture among some of my deceased relatives papers and want to know if anyone belongs to these folks. If you recognize them, let me know. Probably taken in Missouri around Texas County

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