Welcome to TVR racing! Here it is the almost final site with greg! If you want to join his fan club jump up and down and scream im in Gregs FAN CLUB! Other than that mild disturbance we express some of the finest rc cars ever made. The list of rc cars we have include: a monster pirate, ek4,nitro hawk,electric 4tec,maximum st,kyosho sandmaster,thunder quake,xxxnt ADE,XXXT MFE,Nitro Rush,t3, a dual engine tmaxx,FTB3, mini z, supernitro rs4,traxxas bandit,nitro rs4, shumacher xtr 3e,shumacher menace,mrc qtee coupe,tomy bit char g,mini bike,mad hoppin,Hyper7,Evader st ep rtr,t4,nitro rs4 3, and a few more.

TVR Racing
As of 10/6/03
Nothing much, just more updates. We now have VIDEO!!!! well, one, but still thats a milestone in our history, or something. Soon to come you can expect some projects to start up, more videos, and a few things for sale. Check it out guys!

News Update! (4-3-04)
Greg has joined the army and shall be expected back in a few months. I got my t4 up and running with a team trinity p2k2 motor and let me be the first person to tell you; this thing soars like an eagle and goes like a scared toad! I will get ahold of Dustin about getting some video footage up here for you guys to enjoy! Imagine how cool it would be to see it! also, the for sale section will be up tomorrow or monday.
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