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[trolley] Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

#1613 - (When parents go to work)
Mr. Rogers gets a peanut lei and another kind of lei. We see how people make peanut butter. We talk about caring, how unique people and some things are, and how to cope with waiting. [trolley] One of Corny's workers has a little baby and no sitter today. The factory is very busy due to a new product. Lady Aberlin helps out and Henrietta Pussycat has a great idea! (From 1989.)

#1614 - (When parents go to work)
Mr. Rogers meets Natasha, the oboist; he also talks about what a change it is for youngsters to learn to go to the potty; and a classic chat about how special we each are and about one way to tell if someone loves you. [trolley] Prince Tuesday is finding it hard to have fun without his parents around and people are trying to help him--and to get something ready in the neighborhood. (From 1989.)

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