Welcome to my photo page!

Hello!  My name is Josee and I am from Saskatchewan, Canada.
I wanted to put this page together to show my love and devotion to Jesus, and my lifelong passion for Africa and it's children.  Here are a few photos from my travels there. 'Twatotela' is 'thank you' in Bemba, one of the most common languages in Zambia.  So, twatotela for visiting my site, and God Bless you!
Click here to go to the "Samaratins Purse" site.
This is Knox and Martin, a couple of great friends from Ndola, Zambia.  I had the privilege of helping in giving out six thousand gifts to needy children in Ndola.  The gifts were from Samaratins Purse or "Operation Christmas Child". 

This is Joseph and I. He is one of the babies I fell in love with at the Kabwata orphanage in Lusaka, Zambia.  I hope to one day adopt him as my own, if the Lord wills. 
Click here to go to a site associated with this orphanage.
This is the congregation from a church I was blessed to speak at in Chingola.
For more information in how to be involved in helping children in Zambia, Contact "Mercy Touch Missions".  bernardm@accesscomm.ca
Again, this is in the Kabwata orphanage.  I am holding Joseph and Ruth. Ruth is HIV positive, but doing well.
Click here to go to the "New Life Ministries" site dedicated to their work with the streetkids.

Here are two of the street children that I spent some time with.  Are they not precious? They have such joy, yet at the same time, have no shoes on their feet, no home to go to and very little food in their bellies. If God has put them on your heart, please do whatever you can to help them.  It cost's so little to provide what they need for survival.  Please feel free to email me to find out how  you can be a part of their lives.  You can contact me at Twatotela@yahoo.com
Thank you!
This is a group of street children that we played soccer with and prepared a meal for at "New Life Ministries" in Ndola.