Nothing from Nowhere
    im No one at all
Hi foo`
Hi, for those of you that dont already know me well you will learn alot here.You will see pics,quotes,thoughts,and everything inbetween.If you have any questions,suggestions or comments I really don`t care.
Art Spit
Sketch Book
Im changing the colors, but i have only done this page so far....i hope to finish soon BYE
Ok so where to begin....Ummm im going to try to finish changing the removing a page and adding a new one.The new one is going to be about my suspension and why it`s hella stupid, but i won`t get into that now; it will be up for about a week or so.I`ll post some new pics up when Jeremy sends them to me.Damn jizz bucket.
May 8 2004
Still waiting for my pictures so i can put them up here....and trying to figure out how to put videos up here.
July 23 2004
Long time since a update huh? Right now im in Chicago so I don`t have my pictures to upload onto here; I hope when I get back home that the internet will be running fine so I can post them on here.I`d post the one of Jordans breastases on here but im a greedy bastard and I want to keep it to myself. END.
October 2 2004
Im in saturday school right now so im catching up on uploadin some pictures i took earlier this summer.Take a look.
Febuary 12 2005
Back again bitches! Just added pic pages 9 & 10 so check them out for updated pictures. I`ll update all the other stuff like art, links, and sketch book later. Oh yeah I also updated the "Me" page, check that bitch out too. If you wanna keep up with my current affair vist my Journal at So like a pair of titays at Nardi Gras, im out!Don`t forget to sign the Guest book!