X-Men Character Fan Page

This is a site dedicated to the X-Men characters created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

The first appearance of the X-Men was in X-Men #1 in September of 1963. They have grown into one of the most popular comic book franchises and have spawned numerous spin-off series. The X-Men have been adapted to two animated television series as well as the movies.

The X-Men are mutants, born with superhuman abilities which usually begin to manifest at puberty. They are generally feared and hated by regular humans because of their powers and the fear that mutants are destined to replace humans. This fear is worsened by mutants such as Magneto who use their powers to attempt to dominate the human race. The X-Men were gathered by Professor X, a powerful telepath, to protect humans from Magneto and other threats and also to protect them from the humans.