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I'm Robin Blackburn, a writer living in San Marcos, Texas. Having spent 3 years as a journalist, I decided to return to my first love (poetry) and try something new (short fiction). I have a 50+-page chapbook, and I am a regular reader at the Austin Poetry Slam every Wednesday night at Ego's on South Congress in Austin

If you're interested in my work, send me an e-mail; I'm really quite friendly. If you've seen my chapbook lying around somewhere & would like to buy a copy, PLEASE e-mail me! You get a big slice of my life for the mere pittance of $5.

Want to find out more about my poetry or other projects, or want me to come read at an event?Contact information (no stalkers, please!)

My favorite authors are Tom Robbins, Dorothy Parker, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Allen Ginsberg, Rumi, Edgar Allan Poe, Percy Bysshe Shelley, C.S. Lewis and Christopher Moore (a motley lot, I realize, but hey -- I read a lot of different things).

My hobbies include drinking obscene amounts of coffee, high-quality tea and beer (but not at the same time), playing guitar and bass, beadweaving and traveling (daytrips only -- I'm not rich enough to go more than 100 miles or so at once).

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