To begin with I'll tell you a little about my family ~
Between my husband and I we have 6 daughters and 11 grandchildren. Not bad for a start, huh? I originally chose Tweety as my user name since that's my budgie's name, but, of course, he was named after that famous canary!


I would like to share this poem with you. My daughter wrote it to a man she was dating when he began getting too serious. She had just broken up with someone else and was still not over that relationship as he well knew. Maybe I'm prejudiced, and maybe its because I knew her feelings so well at the time, but I think its beautiful and hope you do too.


i know you want me to be yours
and give you all i've got
you think you can open doors
and show me what i've not

i know you want to know my mind
and read me like a book
you think that you can help me find
what another person took

you cannot show me what i've lost
or what you think i've missed
its in my heart at any cost
from all that i have kissed

i do not want you to repair
the damage that's been done
to you my soul i cannot bare
til i find my way, there's none

i can do this on my own
i know that i am strong
if i don't do this all alone
our hopes and dreams are gone

i know that i do ask too much
to want you to stand back
i do not need you for a crutch
to support what i might lack

i'll always know that you are there
when the day seems way too long
to give me all your love and care
and sing me your love song


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