Hello my name is Llisel. I live in providence Rhode Island and i was born in New York. I love to go to the mall and watch movies and go shoping. I love to help people and I want to be a doctor when i grow up . Hopefully a pediatrian(a doctor that has to do with children. I think that Rhode island is really cool it is were i,ve lived for a long time. Right now I am in the artemis program at Brown Univircity which is located in providence Rhode island. Artimis is a program were they teach you how to make web pages. It is really cool but at the same time it is really hard. I am always lost. My family is from dominacan republic. That rocks. I also love to watch alot of T.V. and i like alot of different characters. I love the baby looney toon. My favorite character is Tweety.
Tweety Rocks
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