How to understand craniosynostosis and what it is

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My Story

This page is dedicated for the children and their families who have been changed due to craniosynostosis and or a syndrome related to it.

The Story of how Christina changed us

By: Carol



April 2007

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I was very happy and excited. I was scared to some extent because I didn't know what was going to happen or how I would do. I remember taking several pregnancy tests because I didn't believe any of them despite knowing that my cycle was late and my husband and I had been trying. We had no idea at that time what craniosynostosis was or how it would change how we live our lives.
Everything with my pregnancy went well and had no problems other then a sinus infection when I was eight months along. That was fun. I remember the day I went into labor. All evening on the day before I was having irregular contractions and frequent trips to the bathroom. At the time I was working second shift for a place that worked with children in the care of the state. My husband went to bed around 10:30ish and I decided to stay up for one because I wasn't tired yet and two I wanted to see if this was real labor or not. I went to stand up to go to the bathroom yet again and my water broke. It wasn't gushing but it was enough to know. I had no idea how far along I was so I decided it was time to haul ass. :)
I went into the bedroom and woke my hubby up. "Dear, my water just broke. She's coming soon." I said as calmly as I could. He replied with this. "Are you sure that it is time?" "Yes dammit now get up so we can go!!" Needless to say I wasn't thrilled with his reply to me. As I went to throw some clothes at him I felt a real painful contraction. We hauled ass to the hospital.
When we got there about 20 minutes later I was told that my water had indeed broke but I was only dialated to 1. One!! I figured this was going to be a long night seeing that now it was only 1:15 am now. I don't remember a whole lot of labor beyond that other then I only made it to three before I threatened to kill my husband if they didn't get me pain meds. Finally around 5 am I was allowed my epidural. Those are a God send let me tell you!! I felt so much better after that one. It sure makes your legs feel like they weigh a ton a piece though. When I finally got to about 8cm dilated I really started to feel the pressure and wanted to start pushing but I couldn't yet. Finally about an hour before she was born I was at 10 and was able to start pushing. I pushed for about an hour and finally they had to use forcepts and a 4th degree episomoty to get her out. That is interesting to recover from let me tell you!! Anyway, we had our big moment.