Welcome 2 My Zone
This Is All About Me And Who I've Come To Be.  I Hope You Enjoy Your Stay And Don't Be A Stranger.
Me Rockin That Wild Hair Thang.
Cute Huh?
For those who would like to know more about me, I will tell u.
My name is.. well not important right now
I was born and raised in Arlington, VA, right outside of DC
I am 5'5, 150 lbs. and a Caramel in Complexion
I have Brown shoulder length hair and Brown eyes
I am the youngest of 6 kids
I am a 24 yr old versatile (but mostly femme) lesbian, sorry fellas
I work at a daycare center watching kids
A few of my Nicknames are Rachelle, Tweety and LeLe (fam thing)
I enjoy drawing, writing, chillin, and of course clubbin
Yes I am single and if I happen to meet the right female...?
And basically I'm just Like That!!!  Sike!!!
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