Website Addicts Anoymous
Hi everone in the Wonderfull World Wide Web!!  I am a website addict.  If you are visiting this site you must be one too.

For all of you who were lead to this site and realy didn't want to be here... take a look around, you might like it!! Even though It's not much yet.

Well enjoy!
For those of you who are curious, my definiton is

Website Addict -- one who spends an excessive amont of time in the world wide web resuling in the creation of an excesive amount websites or webpages.
      Symptoms -- spends all free time on the computer, loss of sleep, unusually strong fingers, slightly bulged eyes, and enlarged buttox from sitting so long.

Website -- the main page of a set of webpages (sorta like a book)

Webpage -- the many differnt places in one website. (sorta like the chapters in the book)