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Our family consists of Joanna (The Mommy), Hailey Kay (L) and Kaitlyn Nicole (R). To check out the twins pages (Just click the link to the right).

We live in Nevada. All of Mommy's family lives here  Currently we live with our Nana, Grandpa, cousin Alana and our Great-grandmother (Big Nani for short). 

Mommy is a Pre School Teacher. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and of course, taking care of us. Mommy is Wiccan (a nature based Pagan religion). If you would like more information about Wicca, click any of the links to the right.
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Current Happenings
12/9/03 Well, we have successfully gotten past Halloween and Thanksgiving. Now we just need to get past the big holiday, the messy one and we can put 2003 to rest. This is, for me, the hardest part of the year. So many hard things happen at the end of the year. The girls are handling it well though. I am not working much these days as I am on substitute status at the moment. Thinking about going to Community College to take a few classes while I have the time. The girls are enjoying not going to school as they were having trouble with their new classroom. Potty training is as good as it is going to get I think. Soon I will have a new picture to put at the top of this page as we took holiday photos last week.  Haven't had much contact with my brother recently which adds to the sadness. But I am hoping to get through to him before Yule so that we can celebrate together.  Not much else to report right now. Look for major changes to this site in the near future. Happy Holidays to everyone out there.
Friends: One of our closest friends is Leah. She and Mommy have been friends since 1990.. However, now they are not talking. We have a link to her web page listed to the right.
Family and Friends:
Our cousins from Canada and Italy along with Nani, Great Nani, Alana, Moo Moo, Joanna, Kaitlyn and Hailey. This was taken in Aug. 2001.
This picture was taken at Christmas time 02. Starting in the back left there is Uncle Steven, Big Nani, Mommy, Cousin Alana, Nana, Grandpa, Hailey (in red) and Kaitlyn(in blueish green). This is the first photo of our entire family since we were born.
Twins hobbies include coloring, painting, play doh, and getting into anything within 3 1/2 feet of the floor. They are potty training and learning to ride a tricycle these days and repeat <b>everything</b> they hear!  At school, they learn like sponges and bring home art masterpieces every week.
Kaitlyn (L) and Hailey (R) playing with their spiders. This was taken in March 03.