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Everything Underground
My Favorite Links:
Suburban Superstars - My rap project w/ Mark Edwards
My Info:
James Turvey
I no longer have a show on Bearcast, but you can still check out other great radio shows.

I did have a link to the list of
bands I played on my radio show and I still do, but most of the links are no good because mp3.com is no good and they have to sell out out to the all mighty dollar that I hope to sell out to once I get the chance.

Good, Free, Independent music is still on the internet, but sometimes it can be a little to difficult to find.
Deirdre Flint - Funny Folk!!!
This is a picture of me, (James) acting like i'm on the air after my shift when I had my radio show.
James and Mark (Suburban Superstars), our Hip/Hop project
I am actually in the process of updating my site, but the question will remain:  What will I focus on?

Will I get my act together on my music and tell you about my next gig or music deal?  I hope so........