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circus decOrum

circus decOrum are Iain Ellis and Tim Williams. This page is dedicated to the more 'experimental' side of our music. Available below is one of Iain's compositions, 'float'. Due to the fact that many of our electronic adventures are 10mins + it is hard to get the necasssary web space to house the songs. 'float' is a shorter piece and is more accessible to you because of it's smaller size.

If anyone is truly interested in our music you can email me and we can organise to send out CD's. (Obviously this gesture can only be sustained as long as we aren't inundated with requests! but we'll see what we can do.)

For the latest in experimental music listen to Sound Quality on ABC Radio National on Friday and Saturday nights.

For a more 'commercial' tangent of our music you can visit our band's web site: Silent Decorum

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Here's a more light hearted musical piece based loosely on such great sci-fi epics such as Planet of the Apes and 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Download Doomsday2000.mp3 A Planet Of The Apes Musical Tribute

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