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Hiya all and welcome to my page. Below you will find the Book that I am presently working on. I'm looking for feedback so if you would like have a read and let me know what you think. There is a questionnaire (that can be found at the end of the story), that I would like you to fill out to help me with feedback of what you thought of my Story. Good and Bad comments are welcome and please be honest with your comments. Currently there is no Title. The following is first draft rough copy nothing has been edited at this point. I am also looking for ideas for a title give me your thoughts:) just remember to send me an email. Thanks for reading my story

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     It was a crisp clear morning that November 28th. Jane was running late that morning. First her alarm clock didn’t go off due to the power failure through the night, then there was barely any hot water to finish washing her hair and body in the shower. Jane was very late and with 3 late days already this week she was sure her boss was not going to be very pleased, it was all that she could do to be to work on time. Jane Watson is a junior partner in aims industry a well renounced advertising company. She joined the company almost right out of college and climbed the corporate ladder over the past few years and then finally making junior partner for obtaining a multi-billion dollar account. 

Jane’s boss was an elderly man, the fatherly type, loved and adored by many and always had something pleasant to say towards everyone. But on this day Jane was worried that she had pushed him to far with her tardiness. She walked through the doors of the office peeked around a corner to see if she could see him whew she thought maybe he isn’t in yet. She walked over to her desk and sat down and quickly she began working as though she hadn’t been late at all then all of a sudden she heard “JANE WATSON” bellowed a deep and dark voice “IN MY OFFICE RIGHT NOW” Jane shivered with what was to come. “yes Mr. Lardy,” Jane replied. “Right away sir” and off she went into Mr. laredy’s office.

 Standing in the doorway of Mr. laredy’s office, Jane looked at Mr. Lardy not sure as to what was to happen. “jane, shut the door and have a seat”. Slowly and quietly she shut the door and took a seat in front of Mr. laredy’s desk.“ you wanted to see me sir” “I’m very concerned with your tardiness with this company recently. Is there some problem that we need to be aware of?” “I’ve been having some family issues that have come up in the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to juggle between work and my  family issues dealing with family at night because I can’t afford to take the time off during the day to deal with these family issues. I will try my best Mr. Lardy if you will give me another chance.”

Mr. Lardy sits back in his chair, sighs, and finally says “jane I commend you for all you have done and all you will do, you are a valuable asset to our company but until you resolve your family issues, I would highly suggest that you take a leave of absence before your work suffers any more than it already has. If you don’t take my suggestion and your work continues to suffer I will have no choice but to review with the other senior partners as to your role in this company.” “but Mr. Lardy sir, I really can’t afford to. I promise my work will get better, just have a little faith in me.” “ all right Jane, you have one week to show me different. If you can not improve within the week, you will be forced to take time off.” “thank you sir, I promise I will do better” she then left his office and went back to her own desk.

The time passed by rather quickly. Cynthia her long time friend of ten years who also works in the company doing most of the smaller advertising campaigns. Cynthia is a tall, sleek woman with blue eyes and jet black hair. Jane and Cynthia met in college. Most of their classes were together, friends to the end, did everything together, went on interviews together, and eventually got hired at the same company. “hey Jane are you ready for lunch yet”? Cynthia asked. “is it lunch time already Cynthia? Where are we going for lunch today?” “yes it is of course and how bout we go to  hanagans?” “sure sounds good to me, just let me finish this up for a second and we’ll be off.” “alright you have five minutes to finish or I am dragging you out of here.” As Jane was quickly finishing the ad campaign she was working on, Cynthia was as always over flirting with frank. Frank was this rugged handsome man with baby blue eyes and sandy blonde hair and married. Which meant he was off limits to everyone including Cynthia and she knew it but still she liked to flirt with him to see how far she could go. Which never ended up being very far at all, but that never stopped Cynthia before only added to the chase of things.  “oh Cynthia, are you ready or are you going to stand there and flirt all lunch hour?” “ok ok I'm coming I’m starving lets’ go.” They walked along main street to hanagans just a few blocks down from their office building. Hanagans was an everyday hang out for business people looking for a quick lunch. It was decorated like an old English style pub, back in the golden days. The staff are always pleasant and friendly, you can always guarantee a smile when you are greeted. The owner Patrick Hannagan is a mid 30’s man who inherited the pub from his father who had just recently passed on. After watching his father for over 20 years Patrick now runs the pub with as much heart and soul as his father once did. Patrick always had an eye for the beautiful women but one unparticular. “good afternoon ladies what can I get yes today?” Patrick asked Jane “ummmm I think we are going to have Caesar salad and a diet coke” as Jane looked towards Cynthia awaiting Cynthia's approval for lunch Cynthia nodded “yes that’s fine Jane” “we’ll be sitting over here Patrick when those are ready ok?” “sure that will be just fine Jane” said Patrick. Patrick set right to work making the Caesar salad with freshly made bacon bits, freshly grated mozzarella cheese, a splash of ground pepper and the homemade dressing. The recipe passed down from generation to generation, prize winning salad dressing the tastiest dressing you could ever imagine the kind that you would drive along way just to have a taste of it once again. “Here you go ladies Caesar salad and a diet coke one for you Jane and one for you Cynthia will that be all?” “yes thank you Patrick, it looks very delicious I think we will enjoy this as always the food here is always wonderful as well as the service.” Humbly Patrick says “thank  you Jane you are much to kind we do strive to do our best to make sure all customers are very happy” “you do a wonderful job it’s always a pleasant feeling that I get when I come here” said Jane “if there is anything else you would like just give me a holler” and with that Patrick turned and was off back to the bar where he quickly went back to working behind the bar serving customers. Jane looked at Cynthia and said “cyn do you ever wish you could be someone else?” Cynthia replies “yes I guess I do, some days I wish I could just get up and go not look back but then I come back to reality and see that it would never happen like that.” “yes Cyn I can understand that, we’ve been friends for a long time now and been through a lot do you ever think if you had the chance to go would you?” “geez Jane I don’t know, I guess I’d consider it a lot and then make a choice in the end but yes I think I would just to be able to start over oh definitely count me in.” both Jane and Cynthia start laughing then Cynthia says to Jane “hey Jane what’s this all about? The talk about if you could change your life and all, come on out with it as you said we’ve been friends for a long time so spill girlfriend.” “oh it’s nothing really Cyn” Jane said “just been doing a lot of thinking is all about where my life is going and stuff. I’m just really tired of my life I need a change something different very different then what I know now, but how do I do it. That is my dilemma I can’t figure out how to change it” Cynthia thinks about what Jane has just told her, then Cyn looks up at Jane and says “ Jane you have to do what is right for you, only you know what is right for you. No one else can tell you those answers, you just have to look deep within you for those answers and until you do that, you just do the best you can with what you have.” “cyn thanks I can always count on you to say the right things when I need to hear them. You truly are a good friend to me. Now lets finish our lunch and get back to the office before I get in trouble for being late again today” 

Cynthia looked at Jane and said “you were late again today Jane? Are you kidding your going to be in so much hot water it isn’t even funny. What is going on talk to me go I’m here for yes.” Jane looked down at her plate for a long few moments, sighed and said to Cynthia “oh Cyn family problems again, I don’t know what to do anymore I feel so lost, like my whole world is going to collapse right out from underneath me.” “woah slow down girlfriend one step at a time how bout you start from the top and work your way down little by little and then we can go from there?” Jane looked at her watch then looked at Cynthia “I’m sorry Cynthia I will explain it to you one day but I can’t today we are going to be late if we don’t hurry up and finish our lunch Mr. Lardy is already threatening to make me take a force leave of absence so lets hurry ok and we’ll talk about this later ok?” Cynthia smiled at her friend a reassuring smile to let her friend know that she cared about her “sure Jane lets hurry and get back can’t have you getting into anymore trouble with Mr. Lardy now can we.” Jane chuckled “no, no we can’t.” Both women quickly finished their salads and diet cokes, paid the bill and quickly walked back to the office. The afternoon seemed to drag on, seemed to take forever for 5 O’clock to come and finally it did, Cynthia was walking up to Jane's desk asking who was going to meet at hanagans for drinks after work, “jane are you coming to Hanagans for a drink tonight?" Cynthia asked. “not tonight Cyn I can’t to many things to do." Jane replied. “alright Jane call me later k, take care of you” Cynthia said and gave Jane a hug then walked out of the office with a few of the other advertisers.  

Friday nights are the usual Hannagan;s pub hang out for the staff at the advertising agency, most of us met up there for a few drinks, and others for more. But tonight Jane had to hurry and finish work then head for home, she grabbed her purse and her coat and headed out of the office to catch a taxi cab for home. Fifteen minutes later she was finally in front of her apartment door, the phone was ringing and ringing as fast as she could she unlocked the door and ran over to the phone “he-ello” “hi Jane it’s Jim” Jim the long time family friend, more like an adopted uncle as we knew him as uncle Jim. He was apart of most everything the family did for years. Jim is 5 foot 8 inches tall gray hair and glasses, always working on one project or another and always at work. Jim is the local tow truck driver, with a heart of gold, always cheerful.  “hi Jim what’s happening there now” Jane asked in anticipation. “ nothing much new to report to you Jane, I just wanted to make sure you knew everything was the same and I wanted to check up on you to see how things are going up your way in the big city.” “Things are ok here Jim, I’m doing the best I can with the given circumstances.” “well don’t you worry to much hunny everyone around here is trying to keep things going but I’m sure things will be back to normal in no time. Any chance of getting you back here to visit, it’s been so long since we’ve seen you. You must be getting so big by now growing into a real looker.” 

“now Jim I’ll  see what I can do but I don’t know I will have to check with work to see if I can get the time off, I can’t promise you anything or anyone else for that matter anyway I really have to run I’m running late I have a late meeting that I have to go to Jim. Send my love to everyone and tell them I’m thinking of them and I’ll do my best to come home soon.” “alright Jane, you take care of yourself and do try and come home soon everyone misses you so very much. We will keep you posted if anything should change until then you have a good night Jane talk to you later bye.” “bye Jim talk to you soon.” Then there was a click on the phone Jane placed the receiver on the hook and went into the kitchen to fix a quick peanut butter and jam sandwich, ate that in no time flat drank a glass of milk then proceeded to the bedroom to get changed for work that night. “6:30 already I’m late, man this just isn’t my day” Jane thought as she drove to The Rose Petal, a middle size lounge bar/strip club. The strip club is in the basement of the building and the lounge is on the main floor. Jane had worked at the rose petal for the past 2 years now lounge singer when there was space available and dancer to fill in the rest of the days. As she drove down the streets of the big city Jane thought back to her conversation from lunch with Cynthia, all she could do is wish something would change so she could be happy once and for all. Five minutes later she was pulling in the parking lot of the rose petal, parked and walked into the building. “hi sandy I’m here sorry I’ve late been running late all day”.

Sandy looked up from the desk of papers in front of her. Sandy is a slim woman, 5 foot 6 inches tall, with long flowing blonde hair. “hi Jane no problem we are having a bit of a slow day today, hopefully it will pick up soon enough.” “it always does” Jane said then took a deep breath and said “sandy any chance of getting more time in the lounge singing?” sandy sighed “well I can see what I can do but I can’t promise anything, it really doesn’t look good Jane there is some new talent that the owners want to try and take things from there.” Jane was disappointed all she really wanted to do was sing “alright sandy I know it’s not your fault I was just hoping that’s all.” “look at it this way Jane sandy said everything takes time just give it time you will get your chance.” Jane sighed “yes sandy I know I’ll try and remember that. ok so where am I on the list tonight?” sandy looks at the list “mmm looks like you’re the fourth one tonight to dance, have some fun with it tonight and try not to think of to much just let everything go and deal with it later.” Jane nodded then left sandy alone, she walked down to the dressing room. Opening the door very slowly Jane entered the room to find jazzy, a single mom of a little boy. She has jet black shoulder length hair, blue eyes. She stands 5’4 on a good day, but loves the attention she gets when she dances. “hi jazzy, how are things with you today?” jazzy looks up “oh hey Jane, not to bad how about you Jane how are things with you these days?” Jane thought for a minute “oh you know the same ole stuff day in day out”

“ I hear you there girl, ok I’ll be back Jane I have to head to stage for my act you best get ready quickly you will be up soon.” Jane looked at the rack of costumes she had to choose from “yes jazzy I will just need to decide which one I’m going to do tonight, so many choices and all.” Both ladies laughed “well Jane if you ask me I’d do the biker girl costume I think you look great in that one and I know the men just love it." jazzy winked at Jane and walked out the door. Hmmmm which one should I wear Jane thought for a minute, yes I think the biker girl costume will be the one I wear tonight. Quickly Jane got changed first glitter in the shape of stars around each nipple on her breast, then a very short tasseled skirt black in color, the tassels tickled her butt cheeks, the tassels moved freely, in every which way they desired, very little covered of her body, the vest is made of black leather, felt very cool when the leather touched the nipples of her breast it made her very excited more and more with every movement she made, the boots were made of black leather, high heel- knee-high boots, Jane loved these boots they made her feel like she was someone different, from the time she was in costume until the time she was out of costume, she would feel like she was living inside of someone else just for a brief time. The hat was made of black leather with a small brim. She was all set and dressed in costume and heading towards the stage. Over the loud speaker you could hear the dj say thank you jazzy for her wonderful dancing then welcoming the next dancer onto the stage for all those to watch.  

As Jane was walking down the hall she heard a gruff voice from behind her. “Good evening Jane”, peter the rugged, muscular looking head bouncer. Peter stood 6’2, short dark brown hair, hazel eyes that had a mystery behind them. He was very well built, bench pressed 200 pounds a day, but his main job was head bouncer of the rose petal. “how are you doing today Jane?" Jane glanced at peter and said “I’m ok peter. Been having a rough week, but it’s bound to get better soon. And how bout yourself, are you having a good day” Jane asked cautiously. “I’m having a great day Jane, thanks for asking. I have to run but I hope you have fun out there tonight. I know you have a lot of stress in your life. It’s bound to get better.” With a nod, peter nodded, turned on his heels and continued walking down the hall. Jane stood in the hall for a brief moment wondering why everyone was telling her to just have fun and not worry about things that are happening. Then she continued on towards the stage as she walked down the hall the thoughts of the day and the past week kept creeping up into her mind she kept trying to push them away to put them on hold just to get thought a night of working she longed for all her problems and fears to go away but she knew it would take a miracle for all that to happen as she approached the stage area. krissy is a 23 year old, very thin shoulder length blonde hair the bluest eyes imaginable was just exiting the stage “hey Jane its pretty dead tonight what are you doing after work” krissy asked eagerly “nothing as far as I know krissy” Jane replied “why what did you have in mind?” Excitedly krissy says “I am going to this after hours club party, feel like tagging along you never know you might even have some fun.” As Jane thought for a minute she looked at krissy and finally said “you know what krissy maybe that is exactly what I need to get out and have some fun sure count me in, but uhhmmm what kind of party is this?” Jane asked.

“Well Jane you know those parties are never boring, they should be lots of fun maybe even meet the man of your dreams there.” krissy said coyly. Jane sighs “all right krissy count me in”. Excitedly krissy says “great, we’ll leave after work I have to go get changed, Jane, but I will talk to you later, and hey have some fun out there.” “Thanks krissy”, Jane said “I’m sure going to try”. Jane turned and started walking towards the steps to the stage, slowly she starts climbing the steps and over the p.a. she hears the dj giving her intro. The stage at the rose petal was a medium sized stage in the shape of a horseshoe with the middle raised up from the rest of the stage. The lights illuminated around the edge of the stage, all white lights, a pole stands in the center where the raised floor begins. “Now entering the stage for your entertainment pleasure, the beautiful miss Jane” the dj announced then over the loud speaker “bad to the bone” starts playing. As the music plays, Jane starts dancing from the top of the steps onto center stage. Closing her eyes, she hears nothing but the music and her body responds moving with the music across the floor giving the men what they have come to see. It was a slow night at the rose petal, three regulars sit in pervert’s row, where they sit everyday at the same time, in the same place. The first being mike, a 50 year old man, very little hair on top mainly gray in color an elderly gentleman that has been single for as long as he can remember, worked 15 years with the same company only to be laid off due to the company hiring younger employees to work for them. The second, Andy, in his mid 40’s, short light brown hair just got out of a bad relationship, ever since the day the relationship ended, Andy's life has gone downhill, from losing his girlfriend, to losing his job and now the bank is threatening foreclosure on his home,  since all this began he started coming in to the rose petal to drown his sorrows away and finally, there's Stanley. No one really knows what his story is, but day after day there he sits right at center stage, waiting for girl after girl to come on stage and dance he never says to much to anyone and all the girls have an eye for him. He is rugishly handsome in his own kind of way with short golden locks of hair, baby blue eyes and a very warm smile.

It seemed like the songs that played while Jane danced took forever to finish finally the last song played “born to be wild” and finally ended. Jane walked off the stage eagerly to get out of the rose petal and just relax maybe even  have some fun, at the party she was going to with krissy. “Hey Jane you ready to go” krissy asked “yeah krissy just give me a second, taking me a bit longer then I expected it to, to get ready” Jane said almost out of breath “alright Jane I just want to get going so we don’t miss out on all the cute and single guys” krissy said with that evil grin that she loved to use when she was planning something. “alright krissy I’m coming already quit nagging you know how much you love to nag when there is something your just dying to have or to do.” Jane said with a chuckle to her words. The two ladies set off out of the rose petal, saying good night to sandy as they left the building to Jane's car. “are you sure you don’t mind driving Jane? We could always take a cab if you would rather.” Krissy said looking at Jane. “no don’t be silly krissy it’s fine I don’t mind driving and besides if I really don’t feel like staying I can leave right away ok” Jane looked empathically at krissy “ok Jane I do appreciate it I hope you know that” krissy said to Jane “it’s all good krissy I had nothing to do tonight so it will be a nice change just to get out and have some fun, I need some fun in my life.” Jane said cautiously “now krissy where am I going?” Jane asked waiting for directions “well we are going to 255 Lundy's lane” krissy said as she unfolded the paper “I have the directions here written down” as krissy handed over the paper to Jane, Jane says “ok krissy lets go I know exactly where that is.” 20 minutes later Jane and krissy were walking up the steps towards the mansion style looking home.

 Krissy reached for the doorbell, pressed  it once, then again just to make sure it worked and someone heard her. Finally a very petite woman answered the door “hello welcome to the Jamison home please come in.” the lady said she went on to say “may I take your coats ladies.” The main foyer was very spacious, the ceiling went up about 15 feet with a sparkling crystal chandelier. The chandelier was exquisite, the light twinkled off of the tear drop shapes which dangled from the base of the chandelier. The walls were done with a wood finish half way up then white walls finished the room with a medium sized mirror golden thick trim adorned the east wall and a beautiful country setting with horses and a girl riding them adorned the west wall the picture was 20 x 40 in size, taking up a fair bit of the wall. The floors were all done in white ceramic, very shiny. You could see your reflection when looking into them. The  woman took the coats and lead the ladies down a long hall to a large very cozy sitting room that had pinball games and a pool table as well as a very extravagant stereo system. “hello ladies” came from a man’s voice “I’m so glad you could  make it. I trust you had no problem finding the house, we should have a full house tonight. I’m john” as he reached is hand out to offer it to Jane and krissy. John has a head for business made his fortune in the telecommunications business aspect, he never lets a good deal pass him by. A man in his mid 40’s, tall dark and handsome, blonde hair blue eyes a very straight shooter.  No wife, no children just a couple of German Sheppard's to guard his home, and many friends who come to john’s parties. They are always the hit of the town, everyone but everyone was at his parties. John always made sure everyone was happy he wanted no sad unhappy people around him.

 “thank you for having us into your home I’m Jane and this is krissy” Jane said almost immediately. “well Jane and krissy welcome come let me introduce you to some other guests that are here already enjoying a drink or two. But you two have some catching up to do, to catch up to everyone else that is.” John said with a mischievous laugh to his words. They all laughed then john said “come with me I would like you to meet some of the others.” Happily Jane and krissy followed then john stopped and turned toward a couple mid 30’s she was wearing a black spandex top with a black spandex mini skirt a very outlandish gold necklace adorned her neck, her hair the color of maple syrup swept up on top of her head in a bun with a single clip holding it in it’s place. He was wearing light brown kaki pants with a navy blue polo shirt, his hair was dark brown with eyes to match. He had a certain look of mystery to him. “this is Ann and mark” john introduced them “hello I’m Jane and this is krissy, it’s nice to meet you.” “hello Jane, hello krissy” Ann and mark both replied gave a smile then Jane and krissy followed john to some more of the guests. “this is Helen, Harold, and Mathew” john introduced the three people standing in front of them. Helen a mid 40’s woman, has had many husbands, working on husband number 5 with Harold. Harold is in his early 50’s, black hair with signs of gray showing. Green eyes, he stands around 6 feet tall, towering over many when conversing with them. Then there is Mathew, has worked along side john for the past year and a bit, a man in his early 20’s very energetic and enthusiastic. John is always boasting about how much he loves the work that Mathew does. John is a father figure towards many and many he treats like they were his own seeing he never had the chance to have any of his own.

After the introductions were all complete john left the girls to mingle but told them “to help themselves to anything they would like while they were in his home, he invited them to explore at their whim,  then he said “I will be around to have a bit of a chat later in the evening.” With a nod he was off, greeting other guests as they arrived. “jane” krissy said “I’m going to go wandering, will you be ok, here all by yourself?” “yes of coarse” Jane said with a grin “I’m sure I will be fine you go ahead I’m going to wander a bit myself” Jane said with a smile reassuring her friend that she would be fine. Then with a smile krissy was off talking to this person and that person, Jane couldn’t get all the people straight with their names she just hoped when it came time she would just by pure luck get their name right. Mathew was walking towards Jane, Jane smiled, Mathew smiled back “hi there” Mathew said coyly Jane smiling not sure as to who she was talking to said “hi there yourself” “so tell me Jane what is a beautiful girl like you doing at a party like this?” Mathew asked “well I really only came because my girlfriend didn’t want to come along. What do you mean this kind of party?” Jane asked inquisitively “well you mean you don’t know what your in for do you?” Mathew asked “no not really krissy didn’t really say what kind of party this was” Jane started to chuckle Mathew joined her in the laugh but turned and said to Jane “well let me tell you something about this party, I don’t think  you will be bored by any means tonight.” Mathew said then with a sly smile turned and walked away. Jane wondered what he had meant by I wouldn’t be bored tonight. After a long while Jane found krissy talking to Simon over by the window. Simon loves to please everyone especially the one he serves under. He stands 6 foot 2, with sandy brown hair and bright blue eyes 25 years old and looking for the one special mistress. As  Jane walks up to krissy, she interrupts the two talking and says “krissy can I speak with you for a moment please” “sure Jane, just one second.” Krissy replied then said “will you please excuse me for a minute Simon Jane needs to speak with me but” slyly says “make sure you don’t go far for I will be back.” “sure krissy” Simon said ‘i’ll be here when your through.” Krissy gave Simon a smile then looked at Jane “ok I’m all yours what’s up?” Jane took a deep breath and led krissy to the hall and then said “krissy what kind of party is this? No one seems to want to tell me what kind of party this is they all look very weirdly at me so spill it krissy out with it, what kind of party is this?” krissy looked at the floor for a long minute then up at her friend “ well” krissy started saying “it’s a bdsm party Jane, I knew if I told you, there was a chance you wouldn’t come and I really think you might like some of these people they can help in many different ways please don’t close your mind to the idea just watch and listen. Do you hate me now?” Jane sighed “no krissy I don’t hate you but I really wish you told me before so I could have prepared myself for this instead of looking like I’m totally stupid” Jane then gave a laugh  “oh krissy do you really think I’m that close minded I wouldn’t have come with you to a party  like this?” krissy thought for a moment “well Jane you don’t seem very open to me at times, like I don’t know it’s hard to tell with you most times.” Krissy said empathically “look krissy it’s ok just next time tell me so I can at least be prepared and I would have come with you sooner had you just asked” “thanks Jane” krissy said “ so your really not mad at me then?” krissy asked impatiently wanting to get back to Simon “no I am not mad at you how could I be you didn’t know after all” Jane said to reassure her friend,  “next time you know just ask ok?” Jane said “ yes Jane next time I’ll just ask is it ok if I go back to Simon now? You know Jane there are a lot of interesting people here you should talk to some of them who knows you may even find that wild side of yours and maybe someone here will bring it out in you. But you won’t know until you give it a try." Krissy said “yes krissy you can go now” Jane chuckled “see yes later I’m going to mingle that Mathew has got my curiosity I wonder what it is about him that makes me so curious very strange krissy I’m never like this towards anyone.” Jane said “ ok Jane I’m going to  keep my eye on you” krissy said with an evil laugh. “let me know what you find out about Mathew I’ve seen him a few times around but I don’t know anymore then what you do girlfriend. Good luck on  your quest” with that krissy was turning around and walking back to find Simon. Jane on the other hand was very curious about Mathew, she wanted to know what made him so mysterious. It bugged her that she was so curious about someone that she had only met, “yes there has to be something but what is it “ she thought to herself. “I think I’m definitely going to find out what I can” she said out loud without realizing she had said anything a voice came from behind “really now midyear what are you definitely going to find out?” startled by hearing a voice come from behind her she turned to see john, Jane managed to bring a smile to her face and said “I didn’t realize anyone was here with me, and I surely didn’t think I was talking out loud I’m sorry for that john. I haven’t seen much of you tonight” Jane said “where have you been hiding and whom have you been hiding from?” Jane asked. John looked at her with very curious eyes then said “oh you’ve been watching for me have you?” john chuckled Jane's cheeks went a bright red, then she turned away he turned her back and said “no worries m’dear I have been wanting to talk with you as well. I’m very curious about you, no one seems to know you or have seen  you before so you m’dear are the mystery that everyone else is after.” John said with a very big grin “ well there really is no mystery to me john I came with my friend krissy because she didn’t  want to  come alone” Jane said with a very straight tone “ahhhhh well that would explain why you are here tonight but no one has seen you at any other parties that have been held. Are you new to the scene?” john asked waiting for a response “yes very new to the scene actually before I came here I hadn’t even considered it and I really didn’t know what this party was until my friend krissy filled me in a few minutes ago.” Both john and Jane laughed thinking that it was kind of funny how Jane ended up at this party. “well” john said “ I’m glad that you are here Jane I do hope you are having a good time.” “yes I am having a very good time, I want to thank you in advance for allowing me to be here you have a beautiful home.” Jane said “oh you have gone exploring have you, and you must tell me what you think” john said “no not really exploring just the rooms that I have been in on the main floor and mainly the main room that everyone has been gathering in." Jane told him “well” john said “if you would like a tour by all means feel free to ask I will gladly give you a tour or you can ask Mathew I’m sure he would be more then willing to give you a grand tour, after all he is here almost as much as I am." john said enthusiastically. “thank you john that is very kind of you, but I don’t want to be taking to much of your time up after all you do have other guests besides me that you need to speak with I’m sure of.”  Jane said “yes I suppose I do need to speak to the others, oh and before I forget to mention this if you are interested in learning more about the lifestyle just ask anyone here I’m sure they will be more then happy to fill you in, and then you can take it from there. I really am glad you showed up Jane you do make the party shine." john said then turned and walked over towards Simon and krissy saying hello and brief statements while walking on to the next group of people. From above the crowd a ladies voice was getting everyone’s attention “everyone can I have your attention please” Cathy said in a loud voice “everyone can I have your attention please.” Cathy said again. Everyone gathered in the large room where they had all began at the beginning of the evening. She continued “I first want to say thank you to john for being a wonderful host as always and as always this party will be as memorable as all the others.” She then went on to say “as everyone knows we have lots of things you can buy all you have to do is see john or myself or Helen and one of us can help you out, we have all sorts of  viagra and ecstasy if you would like to try it. Just remember stay safe and play safe. Safety is the number one rule. Ok back to partying, oh but before I do that we will begin our regular festivities in about 30 minutes. James is getting most things set up, if you do not wish to participate you might be best to leave before that. Again thank you john for the wonderful party.” Everyone went back to drinking and talking, Jane found herself standing beside Paula, a 32 year old teacher to 8th graders. With sandy blonde hair and brown eyes, A very slim woman, she loved giving up control a complete opposite of what she did for a living. Jane wondered why so many people had a second lifestyle including herself. She knew she couldn’t tell her family what she did as a second job they would never understand, not in a million years, she convinced herself time and time again. Paula and Jane talked for a  few minutes about the pro’s and con’s of submission and domination, Jane was still very confused and not sure what category she would fall in. she wasn’t sure she could tell others what to do but on the other hand she wasn’t exactly sure if she could handle being told what to do or to be able to give up all control. All these thoughts were making Jane's head spin.

Just then, Caroline came walking up hello you must be Jane the girl that I have heard all about Jane cautiously looked at the woman yes I’m Jane nice to meet you. Its very nice to meet you too dear, Caroline, a long time close personal friend of john’s. Caroline is a mid 50’s woman with light brown hair and hazel eyes. She was dressed divinely from her head to her toes and by gathering from what information Jane knew, Caroline was adored by many. Everyone seems to think you are woman of many mysteries Jane and I must say I have to agree with them you look like a lost soul who needs help to find her way. If you ever need any help, give me a call and I will do all I can to help you.

Caroline handed Jane a business card. Then Jane replied “Thank you Caroline, I will keep that in mind. Again it was nice to meet you but I really should find my friend krissy. Then Jane put the business card in her pocket, gave a slight smile towards Caroline and proceeded on to find her friend krissy. Jane didn’t get too far before getting stopped again, but this time it was by a man by the name of brain. Brian is a very muscular man with a boyish charm, with short blonde hair and icy blue eyes, standing 5’9 high, gave Jane a big grin and said ‘hi, I’m brain. Its very nice to meet you. He offered his hand to Jane in a warm friendly fashion. Hi brain im Jane. Its nice to meet you as well. Have you known john long Jane asked. No not really too long. Ive known him for about six months or so now, a great guy to know. How about you Jane, have you known him long? No I’m afraid not brain, I just met him tonight, with a  little help from my friend krissy. Who I was just looking for when you stopped me, Jane said with a smile. You haven’t seen her by any chance have you?. Brian thinks for a moment and then finally says “oh your krissy’s friend, the one every one seems to be talking about tonight.. I thought I saw her over by the pool table a while ago talking to Robert, but that was a little while ago. Thanks brain, I will have to go and look there, so if you will excuse me, I really need to find krissy, Jane said with an apologetic voice. No problem Jane. If you get the chance later, come and find me and we’ll have a  bit longer chat, brain said laughing. Jane started to laugh as well, then gave brain a smile then turned and continued on her way to find krissy. As she  was coming around the corner entering the doorway, she ran smack dab right into Mathew who was not paying any attention to where he was going but talking to someone from behind instead. “oh I’m so sorry Jane. I should have been watching where I was going” Mathew said apologetically. “it’s really no big thing Mathew, I really wasn’t paying attention  either” Jane said with annoyance to her voice. “here let me get you a drink Jane, to make up for my carelessness. No really Mathew its fine. I was just on my way to find krissy, have you seen her by any chance?” I think she was talking to nick, but I am not really sure. Its been a while since I’ve seen her. Now how about that drink?” “maybe after I find krissy. I would like the chance to talk to you more though” Jane said. “well then we should definitely talk, would you like some help finding krissy” Mathew asked.

“No its alright, if you see her would  you mind telling her to come find me? I’d really appreciate it” distractedly Jane said.

“All right if you are sure Mathew said disappointed.

“Its ok Mathew I will find her eventually, but I really should keep looking”.

With that, Mathew nodded at Jane, stood to the one side to let her pass by. Jane surveyed the room, there were so many people there, she thought it was going to be next to impossible to locate her friend. Slowly but surely Jane made her way through the crowd of people saying hi to those that she came face to face with. Finally she spotted her friend krissy talking to a very dark and handsomely looking man.

“hi krissy, I’ve been looking for you everywhere” Jane said looking directly at krissy.

“well I see you have found me Jane let me introduce you to Bernard” krissy said smiling at Bernard “hi I’m Jane” Jane said to Bernard extending her hand towards him. Bernard is a millionaire that loved to come to these parties. He  was in his early 40’s with short dark brown hair and a smile that lit up the entire room. “it’s my pleasure Jane” Bernard said accepting her hand, lifting it up to his mouth, then giving her a very light kiss on the top of her hand. Jane started to blush “very nice to meet you as well Bernard. Has krissy been hording you all to herself?” Jane asked inquisitively. “no not really but then again I never complain when in the company of beautiful women” Bernard said with a coy smile “ please excuse us for a moment Bernard I need to steal krissy away from you for a moment.” Jane said “not a problem ladies’ Bernard replied then in a flash he was off talking to Caroline about the toys they had for sale.

“krissy” Jane said “are we going before they begin whatever they are going to do?" Jane asked impatiently “well Jane why don’t  we stick around for awhile, who knows maybe even you would like some of the things they will be doing.” Krissy responded." maybe, but I really don’t know krissy what kind of things do they do at these kinds of party’s?” “well Jane some take control over another sometimes more then one person at a time others give up control and then others live out fantasy’s, it’s really quite interesting to say the least Jane so come on lets stay, you don’t have to participate just watch and learn. so what do you say Jane can we stay for awhile? Please please.” Krissy said teasingly. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to stay and watch I don’t have to participate like you said but tell me something krissy have  you done this before? Participated I mean at a party like this.” Jane asked “well Jane once or twice it was scary the first time but it got easier and easier and it’s such a big turn on, actually there is someone I want you to meet, Jane. I think you and her would be such great friends. Let me see if I can see her, I’m sure she would love to meet  you Jane I’ve told her all about you” krissy said as she searched the room for her friend “krissy who is she and why do you say her and I would be good friends?” asked Jane “her name is Michelle and is and has been apart of the scene for years now she is a mentor and friend to me. Whenever I need advice that is who I go to for advice, she has never steered me wrong yet Jane just give me a sec to see if I can find her.” Before Jane could respond to her friend krissy was off looking for Michelle. Jane stood over by the wall waiting for krissy to return and Mathew was heading towards her. “jane I have been looking for you. I wanted to make sure you were ok and that I hadn’t scared  you off running.” Mathew said with a chuckle to his voice “no not quite Mathew” Jane replied “I’m just waiting on krissy’s return.” Oh yes you were looking for her the last time I saw you. I take it you found her?” Mathew asked “yes finally I did" Jane said with a smile.

Both Mathew and Jane searched the crowd and their thoughts for something to say, then after a long moment they both looked up opened their mouths at the exact same time, looking at each other they both start laughing. “I’m sorry, you go right ahead” Jane said still laughing. “well Jane I was just going to ask if you had decided to stay or if you were leaving us for the evening?” Mathew asked inquisitively “well” Jane started to say “that’s what krissy and I were just talking about and I do believe we decide that we were going to stay at least for awhile. I’d like to see what everyone is so keen on here.” Mathew thought for a second and then said “well Jane it’s something else let me tell you but please do feel free to stay and watch and learn a lot of people would gladly tell you anything you would like to know.” “thank you Mathew, but actually I was hoping that I could convince you to give me a tour. I know john said he would but I really don’t want to take him away from all of his other guests. Would it be possible to convince you to give me the grand tour of this huge home?” Jane asked, anxiously wanting to know more about Mathew. “sure Jane I could give you the grand tour. Would you excuse me for a few minutes I need to check into something and then I promise I’m all yours.” “sure Mathew that’s no biggie, I was suppose to be waiting for krissy to come back but so far I haven’t seen her. I’ll wait right here ok?” “sure Jane that’s fine I won’t be long I promise.” And in a flash Mathew was out of site.


10 minutes had passed by, with still no sign of krissy Jane decided whom ever came first she would end up talking to. Mathew then returned with more then enough apologies for being so long. “sorry to keep you waiting Jane, I never thought I was going to get back here. Seems everyone but everyone has to say hi right at the same time.” They both gave a slight chuckle, then Mathew continued “now about that tour of this home, lets go this way” Mathew leaned over and whispered in Jane's ear “much less people in this part of the house.” Looking at Jane he gave her a smile and lead her down the hall towards the back of the house. Mathew was right there were very few in the back half of the house, the long hallway lead to a stairway on the right and the kitchen through the left, and patio doors straight ahead. Mathew lead Jane up the stairway to the second floor, the stairs has a old wooden railing, 25 steps to the second floor where Jane found herself looking around very slowly taking everything she possibly could in. the smells that were in the air on the second floor smelled of vanilla, candles on the wall lit and protected with glass enclosures. There were so many rooms the first was straight at the top of the stairs down a short hall. In the room it was a theme room as Jane soon found out, stepping inside Jane looked in awe “what is this room Mathew?” Jane asked “this is the waterfall room, it has its’ own tropical waterfall very romantic for some, erotic for others. All rooms come equipped with cages, whips, handcuffs if wanted, the floors are all padded for comfort. There is a bed in most of the rooms but with the padding on the floor being so comfortable many never use the beds. There are other things that people love to use for playing but the most important thing is safety that is why john made this home like this, so anyone who wants to play may come here and play safely. There are lots of people with a lot of different fantasy’s. they come here to live those fantasy’s out, for most with out this home they wouldn’t have anywhere else to turn to play safe Jane so that is why this place is adored by many.” Jane listened intently, Mathew continued “jane are you ok with all of this? You are starting to look scared." Mathew asked “yes Mathew I’m fine” Jane said “this is all very new and I’m very interested in learning more, I’m just very curious is all Mathew nothing to be worried about.” Jane said with a reassuring smile. “alright then Jane shall we continue on our tour then." Mathew said teasingly “yes please’ Jane said teasing Mathew back. Mathew then led her to the next room opening the double French doors, Mathew made way for  Jane to pass. Jane looked at the room surveying it, Jane was in pure amazement. “oh Mathew I never thought I could see any one room so beautiful as this room is and so very big. What is this room used for?” Jane asked “ well Jane this is where everyone starts the night off." Mathew said waiting for some kind of reaction from Jane. He continued “this room has many different theme’s all combined into one that goes into the center and a bit of everything to everyone’s tastes are here in this room. You see Jane the way this room was designed was with having people in mind the different tastes.” Jane looking somewhat lost in what Mathew was saying he then went on to say “ what I mean Jane is that when everyone gathers in this room everyone will go to the theme that best works for them on that day and when you have a few that are in one theme they all seem to pair off and away they go to do what their fantasy tells them.” Mathew paused for a minute looked at Jane and waited for a response Jane then said “wow Mathew that sounds amazing. Will I actually see this tonight?” Jane asked inquisitively “yes Jane most likely if you stick around but I think the big question is will you participate or stand in the background watching?” Jane looked at Mathew and said “I guess we will just have to wait and see” Jane said teasingly. Mathew laughed knowing he wasn’t going to get the answer right then to his question so he said “we should press on before we get interrupted by the other guests coming up the stairs soon to continue on with this evenings activities.” “yes Mathew lets continue shall we.” Jane replied.

He led her to a few more themed rooms a tropical rainforest, complete with all the animal noises and plants. A princess room complete with the mirrors all over the ceiling and walls, lace and fur handcuffs Hun on a hook which hung off of the king size poster size bed. Leather straps laid on either side and on both ends, a blind fold lay on the pillows. Mathew led Jane to another set of stairs that led to the 3rd floor slowly Jane walked up the stairs behind Mathew, not sure whether she should be going up to the 3rd floor or not with this man who held so much mystery for her. She followed very closely, a shiver went up her spine, she clenched Mathew's hand tighter, he looked back at Jane and smiled “it’s ok your safe Jane, I won’t let anything happen to you.” Mathew said sympathetically Jane smiled and replied “sure famous last words.” Both laughed the rest of the way up the stairs. Finally at the top Jane surveyed the 3rd floor. “does this house ever stop Mathew?” Jane asked “ this house is just so big” Jane chuckled Mathew laughed and said “yes Jane this is the final floor besides the basement of coarse.” “there’s more in the basement?” Jane asked “yes Jane it’s the dungeon. You wouldn’t believe how many people just love the dungeon.” Mathew said “wow I wouldn’t have believed it but if it’s true it’s true I’ll take your word for it.” “oh gees thanks Jane” Jane and Mathew both laughed then without thinking Mathew leaned over and gave Jane a kiss on the lips, her luscious lips. They tasted warm and sweet to him, he longed to have them, he wanted more of them. Jane pulled away “jane I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that please forgive me?” Mathew said apologetic “no Mathew it’s ok, I was just a little taken back.”  Jane gave Mathew a sympathetic smile to reassure him that it was ok “I think we should get back to the party Jane, they might have a search party out looking for us.” Mathew said chuckling. Just as Mathew finished off his words krissy and john were walking towards them “there you two are” john said “we thought we had lost the both of you.” “no we are here, Mathew was just giving me a tour of your home it’s very beautiful and very unusual which makes it very unique I really love it john." Jane said happily “well you m’dear may come back and visit anytime  you wish.” “thank  you john I do appreciate it but I’m just taking everything in for now” Jane said sympathetically to john. “Well no worries m’dear you learn all you want and remember visit whenever you would like, I’m not as young as I once was.” John ponders for a minute then looks at Jane and continues “I hear you are staying for awhile Jane I think that’s wonderful. Just remember play safe if you are going to play and always ask questions if you don’t understand something.” John said with a stern voice. Jane smiled then said “thank you john I will” john excused himself and continued back down the hall towards the big themed meeting room. Krissy turned toward Jane and Mathew and started to speak “what were you to up to hmmm” krissy teased. “krissy sometimes you are to much even for me.” Jane laughed then glanced at Mathew who interrupted the two girls “well ladies we should be going in and joining everyone else.” Krissy and Jane glanced down the hallway towards the themed meeting room. The three of them started towards the room where the last of the guests were just entering. “thanks for giving me the tour Mathew I do appreciate it. I surely hope I haven’t kept you from anything important.” Mathew thought for a second before responding to Jane then finally he said “no not at all Jane and it was my pleasure. If there is anything else I can do for you just let me know.” And with that he nodded and walked on past the two women. Krissy looked at Jane and said “ok Jane what were you two up to upstairs? Like what went on ?” Jane didn’t say anything for the longest time and then finally looked at krissy and said “nothing krissy honestly nothing Mathew was just showing me around the house. But that’s all that was going on.” “ok Jane I won’t press you for now but if it should happen again look out cause I won’t let yes off to easily.” Krissy said laughing. Jane smiled at krissy and the two of them continued on their way down the hall. As the two ladies reached the door way of the room, they were greeted by Harold and Helen. “hello ladies glad you decided to join us, come in and find a place where your most comfortable.” Harold told Jane and krissy. They smiled at Harold and Helen and walked into the room Jane leaned over and in a whisper said to krissy “krissy what do I do now?” Jane asked, krissy looked at Jane and said “don’t worry Jane just relax, tell me what do you feel like take a look and you pick I’ll stick with you if you like. krissy said “no it’s ok krissy you really don’t have to unless you want to of coarse.” Krissy looked at Jane and said “nah I think I’ll stick with you it’s the only fair thing to do seeing it was my doing that got you here in the first place.” Krissy said with an evil laugh. “well krissy, lets wander for a few minutes and get a feel for things.” Jane and krissy wandered around the room watching all the guests get comfortable with each other and their surroundings. As Jane looked at some of the guests, she noticed that some had gotten changed into black leather outfits, very tight fitting, not covering very much of their bodies, just enough to let ones imagination lead them on a wild encounter. Some of the women wore leather teddies. A couple of them were leather with chains on the top half that goes all the way up to the neck attached to a leather collar. a few others had different teddies on all varying in sizes and shapes. Other women wore leather mini skirts with real tight leather bra boustie`s or leather tops. Most of the younger women chose black knee-high boots the kind with a 5inch heel or the open toe black shoe with a single strap around the ankle. The men wore an assortment of clothing from leather and spandex, pants, shorts, thongs or one piece whole body outfits. Some of the men had collars with spikes on them. As Jane and krissy walked and surveyed the room and all the contents including the guests, the two started to become more familiar and more at ease with their surroundings, that Jane started to feel things. She started to get turned on more and more as she kept walking around the room trying to find that one place she felt completely at ease. After circling the room for awhile Jane whispered to krissy “how about we go with the tropical room krissy? It looks the most appealing to me right now.” “sure Jane if that’s the one you want to go with, I’m game. Krissy said, then both ladies moved toward the tropical rainforest theme in the southeast corner of the room. Looking at the ladies and what they were wearing at the rainforest theme Jane found herself wanting to be dressed like these other ladies some in short velour skirts and velour bra boustie`s, or leopard skin bra boustie`s with matching bra boustie`s, or leopard print see through lace half top, that only covers the top part of the woman’s breast. If she would lift her arms her breast’s would be completely uncovered. Jane longed to wear something more like the women she was looking at, she was getting more and more turned on by the second. She was fighting the urge not to give in and participate, it was all she could do not to.

Caroline and Michelle were both at the rainforest theme when Jane and krissy arrived, they exchanged hello’s and krissy had the opportunity to introduce Jane to Michelle. “michelle this is Jane, the friend I was telling you about.” Krissy glanced at Jane “hello krissy has told me tons about you." Michelle was saying as she extended her hand towards Jane “nice to meet you Michelle, I’ve been waiting to meet with you. Krissy speaks very highly of you.” Jane smiled. “I think you and I should stick together Jane” Michelle said and continued on to say “from what krissy has told me you seem to be a very interesting person to me, who knows you might learn something from me as I may learn something from you.” Michelle said giving Jane a very curious look “sure Michelle” Jane said “I am always looking to learn new things, and try new things. It might be a good idea Michelle. But can I ask you a couple of questions, if you don’t mind of coarse.” Jane asked inquisitively." sure Jane ask away.” “well how long have you been in this kind of lifestyle Michelle?” Jane asked with open ears “it’s been around 5 or so years now Jane. I’ve had a few masters and I love to please my master. I live to please him.” Michelle said with care in her voice. “I love this lifestyle it turns me on to no end. But” Michelle cautioned and with a quieter voice “but I’m no angel I’m very finnecky, and love to be mischievous. Actually Jane most of the submissive’s I know are at one point in time are, it’s away of us testing our masters or mistress’s to see how far we can push and how much they actually care for us.” Jane thought about what Michelle had just said then looked up at Michelle opened her mouth and started to say “wow Michelle it really sounds like you love this lifestyle I can only imagine how it makes you feel. How did you get into this lifestyle to begin with? I mean it’s not like it’s very common to hear about it and very few admit to taking part in anything like this as if it was a big sin or something of the sort.” Asked Jane. Michelle thought for a moment, took a deep breath then finally responded “along time ago like you a friend convinced me to go to a party with him, we were close friends but I had no idea that he was into this until that night of the party. After that night I went to a few more and I loved it so much that I just decided to make it a part of my life. Little by little it became more and more apart of my life until I finally went 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I would be so lost without my master and this lifestyle, I really don’t know anything else." Michelle sighed. Jane gave Michelle a hug and a sympathetic smile “that is quite something Michelle, I guess I’m a little taken back by all of this but it’s really quite something.” Jane said trying to understand where Michelle was coming from. “so Michelle I’m not sure if I will actually participate tonight but is there anyway I can change into something to at least look like I fit in?" Jane asked not sure of what she was saying “yes Jane, lets see what we can get for you to wear. Now mind you what your wearing is just fine but if it would make you feel better then sure lets get you something else, what do you want to wear I guess I should be asking first?” Michelle looking at Jane waiting for an answer Jane says “well Michelle what do you think would suit me best, seeing you’re the pro here.” Jane said teasingly “I think you would look great in the leopard print mini skirt with matching bra boustie`s` and I think if we add a matching leopard fur collar and the open toed black shoes you will be one fine looking woman." Michelle said as she gave Jane a small smile out of the corner of her mouth. Michelle lead Jane to a room to pick out the clothing she was going to wear after gathering all items they then continued on to a changing room where Michelle helped Jane dress. Jane was very unsure of how things went on her body and Michelle was more then willing to lend a helping hand. While Jane was getting changed into the leopard print bra boustie`s` and mini skirt Michelle and Jane talked about many aspects of the lifestyle. Jane learned that Michelle's favorite game was called knife play. As Michelle described it Jane closed her eyes and could imagine that it was her participating in this game. Michelle went on knife play Jane is where the dominating partner takes a blade of the knife and slides it across your body. You are blindfolded and tied so you can not move, you can not see. You have to put all your trust into your partner not to hurt you.” But Michelle cautioned “be very careful when playing Jane its’ very important that you remember only play with those you trust with all your heart and soul your safety could depend on it.” Michelle said with caution in her voice." Jane before you leave make sure you give me your number and I will give you mine that way we can always stay in touch with each other.” Jane smiled “ok Michelle I have a pen and paper let me write the number down for you  right now just in case we don’t have time later.” Jane said as she was rummaging through her pockets for the paper and pen. Writing the number down for Michelle, Jane wrote Michelle's number down as Michelle spurted off the numbers. “773-765-7735, make sure you call me.” Accepting the paper from Jane with her phone number on it Michelle tucked it into her small black shimmering exquisite handbag. Michelle gave Jane a hug and reminded her that if she ever needed anything to give her a call. “thanks again Michelle. Ok I think I am ready, are you ready to see how this looks." Jane asked “you bet I am Jane come on I’m dying to see what it looks like on you.” Michelle said with  the curiosity getting the better of her she started reaching for the door, just then Jane opened the door scaring Michelle “you could have told me you were coming out Jane?” Michelle said half scared, half laughing. “uhhh sorry Michelle” Jane said chuckling “I wasn’t expecting you to be opening the door at the same time I was” both ladies laughed. Michelle took a good hard long look at Jane and finally looked at Jane and said “wow what a transformation, Jane. No one will realize you’re the same girl that arrived a short few hours ago.” Jane started to blush, Michelle quickly said “ what a knock out you are in that outfit, best to watch Mathew around you. He’s had an eye on  you ever since you showed up tonight.” Jane looked at Michelle then finally said “really, you mean he's been watching me since I arrived. No way it can’t be.” Jane thought for minute and remembered the kiss he gave her on the 3rd floor. Could it really be that Mathew is as much wanting to find out about me like I am wanting to find out about him? She asked herself.

Over the next little while Jane kept a close eye  on where Mathew was when ever he was within eye sight. Every now and then Mathew would catch Jane's eyes and hold them there for a brief moment. Jane was trying very hard to concentrate on what was going on around her but her mind kept drifting back to Mathew. Michelle was talking to Jane but she didn’t hear a word that Michelle had said.

“earth to Jane” Michelle teased “jane where were you just then cause it wasn’t here with us.” Michelle asked Jane looked down at the floor then looked up at Michelle and said “oh I don’t know Michelle just off in outer space somewhere.” Both Jane and Michelle started laughing then Michelle went back to what she was talking about. “jane, have you thought about what you want to try or to even know about?” “well” Jane started to say “I’m not really sure, Michelle. I kind of want to see everything. I mean it all turns me on to no extent but not one thing really stands out. Tell me Michelle, give me your opinion on what I should look at first. Like I really don’t know what to choose.” Michelle looked around then finally said “ well Jane how about we start small and work your way up. We are in the tropical theme room area right now it might be a good one to start with, it shouldn’t scare you away to much I wouldn’t think.” Michelle said with a chuckle in her voice. “ok Michelle sounds good to me." Jane said with a smile. After all the guests were settled in their attire and in their spots on the cushions, john walked to the center of the room and started hushing everyone down until it was complete silence in the room. “good evening everyone” john said looking around at all the guests, he continued “I’m glad to see so many new and old faces among the crowd, and some really nice looking outfits to enhance those who are wearing them.” John said smiling. Then he continued “I hope that all of you, that have been through much of these events to come, that you help the new people become more comfortable, as we all began some where at one time or another. So lets have a safe and fun evening everyone.” As john walked over to speak with some of the guests at the different themed-room area’s, Jane's eyes followed him. John caught Jane's glance then walked over to where she was standing.

“hello john,” Jane said to john as he arrived. “hello Jane” john replied “ are you enjoying yourself so far Jane?” “yes john thanks for asking, this is all so very much to take in. tell me john are you going to be taking part in the events that will be to come tonight?” Jane asked. “yes” john replied then went on to say “I always take part Jane it is my rule that I never put anyone through anything that I myself wouldn’t go through. After all it is the only fair thing to do in my books.” John explained “oh” said Jane “I guess this would mean your more dominating then submissive?” “yes I’m afraid” john chuckled. “I wanted to talk to you about  what you feel that you are Jane, whether your submissive or dominate. Any idea of what you are more of Jane?” “I think I would be more submissive but I’m not really sure john. How would I know for sure?” Jane asked “jane go with your gut feeling how do you feel when you think of  giving up full control of yourself to someone for them to tell you what to do and  you doing it with no questions but just doing it because you want to please someone? Or how would you feel having to tell someone else what to do to teach them your own ways of doing things, having someone please you.” Jane thought for along moment, john was trying to read her thoughts and was having troubles so he said “jane don’t stress over it to much it should be a very easy choice to make, make sure it’s the right choice not the wrong one or you could just try both sides of it to make certain.” John said sympathetically thinking that all this might be to much for Jane to handle all at once “I’m going to stick with her tonight” Michelle broke in telling john “just until she gets the hang of things and she has my number” Jane smiled “I want to thank both of you for all the help you’ve given me up until now and even after this moment I can’t thank you both enough. As for your question, I think I want to look at the submissive side of things john.” Jane said with a slight smile. “I can’t foresee myself enjoying telling someone what to do, I kind of want to be the one who is taught.” “well, in that case Jane.” John said with a big smile like he had hit gold. “jane come and see me after the evenings activities or if you are done before everyone else come and find me if I’m not around within eyesight. I would like to talk to you afterwards for a few minutes if you could manage it." john had told Jane. “sure john I’ll come look for you afterwards." Jane gave john a smile then went back to finding out what Michelle and Bernie were talking to krissy about.

“are you finally going to join us now Jane?” krissy teased, “yes I think I’m finally read.” Everyone laughed “are you sure Jane?” “bernie teased Jane. “yes I’m positive. Ok lets get started, that sounds good to me.” Jane said smirking. “so where do we begin” Jane asked, “first we wait until we get the word that everyone is ready, then we are given directions as to what will happen that night in this case it would be tonight.” Michelle explained. Bernie interrupted, “depending on john’s mood is how it will end up going. The host of the party always gets the choice of how everyone pairs up. Sometimes, we have a car draw where all license plates go into a hat, dominants go in one hat and submissive's in another, then the host would draw 2 out of the hats one of each of coarse.” Jane looked intrigued with how things were run. “the other one that comes to mind Jane” as Bernie continued “is the cages, where all submissive's are placed in cages depending on how many are actually submissive and then names will be drawn or the dominants can place their names on a list and the host will pair them up with someone they think would be a good match for the evening. We also have draw tickets where you can win a weekend for two to a get away to a place called exotica. Beautiful place it is and clothing is optional. I’ve been there a few times myself” Bernie told Jane, while krissy and Michelle listened with anticipation. Exotica is down south, the greenest tree’s and grass one could ever imagine and the water is blue, the most beautiful blue you could ever hope to imagine. The staff is always pleasant and the rooms they are just gorgeous. Old Victorian rooms with cages in the rooms as well as a Jacuzzi-whirlpool. You should really go sometime Jane I think you would just love it there. Would almost feel like home as I have felt it the times that I have been myself. I took Michelle there last year, we had a lot of fun and made a lot of new friends along the way. I really can’t wait to go back again, I think Michelle and I will end up going there at least once a year for our yearly trip. It’s a lot like hedonism if you have heard of it Jane.” Jane thought for a moment then replied “I think I’ve heard of it but I’m not sure, but sounds very intriguing and most definitely makes me want to find out more that’s for sure.” Jane gave a slight smile then Bernie spoke once again “talk to john later, he may have some papers lying about. I know john loves that place he makes a point of going a lot throughout the year.” “really Bernie?” Jane

interrupted. “I’m taking mental notes of questions to ask later” Jane smirked at Bernie. Bernie returned the smile with one of his own. From the center of the room came a voice “hello and good evening everyone. Lets get the festivities underway shall we.” John was saying. “now I see we have a lot of people here tonight many strangers as well as old faces, for you old faces please help the new people amongst us so we may all enjoy to the best we possibly can." john said with a smile. “now we need to have all the submissive's come with me now please.” John said as he started walking towards the door stopping briefly to wait for the submissive's to follow him. Jane and Michelle were amongst those who followed john. John led the guests down the hall to a room with a large cage in it. “please step inside the cage everyone. “john had ordered, as he held the cage door open so everyone could step inside it. “jane don’t worry this is the fun part.” Michelle said as she gave Jane a warm smile. “oh I’m ok Michelle, I’m just very intrigued with all of this but I do have one question.” Jane said with a wiry look. “what’s that ?” Michelle asked Jane. “with us being in this cage.” Jane started “does it mean that we will end up participating?” Michelle looked at Jane then said “well Jane if you really don’t want to do something just say so, but yes we will take part.” “ok I just wondered seeing we are in this cage.” Jane said not sure what to think next. Not sure what was going to happen next she waited with anticipation. John then shut the cage door and walked out of the room. For the next few minutes, to Jane it seemed like it was a very long time before john reappeared in the room with the rest of the guests that had remained behind.

Michelle explained to Jane that there were bids for who would be teamed up with who and the highest bidder won that person. When where were ties over bid’s” Michelle continued “those bids would be placed into hats and then the ones bidding would draw a name out of a hat” Jane looked on with interest to what Michelle was saying. John interrupted what Michelle was saying to say “alright who’s first” giving a small chuckle to keep the mood very light. Soon everyone was with another person and off to explore their fantasies. When it came to Jane she had found herself with a man named frank. Frank worked in his own computer company manufacturing alarm systems. A tall dark handsome with short light brown hair and golden brown eyes. mid 30’s and no family to speak of, always in search of that one special girl to fill his needs. Frank had been coming to these parties over the years never really participating but always standing in the background watching and learning as much as he possibly could. His voice was soothing to Jane as he spoke his words filled the air with warmth and kindness. Frank confessed to Jane “you know Jane I never thought I would get the highest big I thought for sure Mathew would have it in the bag.” Frank teased Jane then went on “but Jane I’m sure glad I get this chance to get to know you, I’ve been watching you all night long and have been just waiting for the chance to talk to you.” Jane started to blush “oh no m’dear don’t blush I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable." frank said apologetically. “no not at all frank but I am very flattered that you would feel that way.” Jane said smiling at frank. Michelle turned to the both of them and said “ok folks what shall it be, we really should be moving along instead of standing here talking the night away” Jane glared at Michelle to let her know that she had interrupted the conversation that she and frank were having. “yes.” Frank said in agreeance with Michelle. Frank gave Michelle a very happy smile

thanking her for the reminder.

Michelle ended up being with a man named Scott. Scott had moved to the area about 8 months earlier, working with computers for most of his life was a business associate of john’s. john had hired Scott to maintain all of his company and home computers. Scott was on call most of the time. Scott was in his late 20’s, a bulkier man, rustic look to him. When he spoke there was a gruffness to his voice, a dominating tone to it. Scott and frank led both Michelle and Jane down the hall to a room a bit smaller then the one they were in but the theme was more then what Jane could ever possibly imagine. It was an ocean them with ocean sounds playing softly in the background. Sand and a Jacuzzi along the south wall. A cage was on the facing wall it was the size of a double sized bed. Black in color with chains attached to the bars. Leather handcuffs hung beside the cage off of a hook, dangling just waiting for someone to come along and use them. Other things hung off of the hooks to the left of the leather handcuffs such as different size floggers and with a touch of a button shelves appeared with many toys on each shelf. As Jane surveyed everything in the room, she became very aware of her surroundings and everything in the room became very clear like a crystal. “jane” frank started to say “are you with us here or somewhere else” he whispered in her ear “I’m sorry frank I was just thinking about how beautiful this room is, I’ve never seen anything like it. What a wonderland this home is with all the different rooms and everyone I’ve met tonight I’m just very astonished I guess you could say.” Jane looked down for a moment then caught franks stare “what” Jane asked frank “I was just thinking how you look perfect in this room and lighting” frank said with a smile to Jane “ thank you frank” “now what was it you were trying to get my attention for?” Jane asked eagerly waiting for a reply “well Jane I was just wondering if you wanted to try playing in the scene if your up for it that would be” frank said softly wanting Jane to say yes at the drop of a hat. “sure I’m up for it” “are you sure Jane, you don’t have to if you really don’t want to. It might be a little to much for you if your really not sure I don’t want to scare you away by any means” “no I’m sure I’ll be fine” Jane said as she looked at Scott and Michelle already starting in to a scene that Scott had decided at long last starting with the cage. Suddenly a huge smile crept across franks face as if to say finally at long last the time has finally come to see what this girl could really handle. Knowing that he was the one who was going to leave a memorable thought in her mind after the night was finally over. He led Jane over to the Jacuzzi and beach area, told her to sit on the sand and close her eyes, she did as he told her.

“jane I want you to imagine that there is only the two of us on an island, the star’s have just come out, the moon is in full light” frank said in a very soft voice stroking her hair he continued “now slowly open your eyes and tell me how you are feeling.” Jane took a deep breath, looked at frank with sparkling eyes, then said “I’m feeling a bit light headed to be honest, I couldn’t picture a more romantic setting then this frank it’s completely perfect” Jane smiled. Frank smiled back at Jane then said ok Jane lets start off slow and work our way up. Frank stood up then walked over to the east wall where he grabbed leather handcuffs, a medium sized flogger and a blindfold. He walked back over to Jane kneeled down beside her and placed one wrist in the handcuff then pulled her arms behind her back, Jane struggling a big said “frank are you sure I’ll be safe doing this?” “yes Jane you will be totally safe. Jane do you have a safe word? A word that if you get to the point that you can no longer go on because you get to a hard limit all play stops?” frank asked “a safe word?” Jane said “no I don’t think so frank hmm lets see what would a good safe word be?” Jane thought for a moment “how about the word red frank would that be ok?” Jane asked “yes that would be perfect Jane” frank finished securing the handcuffs on Jane's wrists, then went on to cover her eyes with the blindfold all the while talking softly in her ear so that only she could hear what he was saying, comforting her easing her into the scene not to overwhelm her with everything she was experiencing. He started touching her skin very slight touching, just enough to let her know he was near, very near, just inches away. She was getting very turned on and couldn’t help but to start moving with excitement. “jane I want you on all 4’s” frank whispered, without another word Jane moved so that frank could adjust the handcuffs so that she could move to the all 4’s position not knowing what was going to happen next. She felt his cool hand on her left ass cheek, touching, rubbing, warming it up. Then all of a sudden she felt his hand move to her right ass cheek. She wanted him to touch her all over she craved his touch, his soft cool to the touch, she craved for him to touch her in every way he wanted, she longed for the touch of a man who knew what he was doing. She then felt something hit her ass cheeks soft but stinging, she loved the feeling and couldn’t help but let out a small burst of excitement every time she was hit with the flogger on her ass cheeks. “oh that feels so good” Jane said “so you like the flogger m’dear. How very interesting, now don’t worry I have to get up for a minute but don’t you dare move” frank said sternly, Jane not sure what he was up to could only nod in acknowledge of what was ordered for her by him. The next few minutes seemed like an eternity Jane not knowing of what was going on, a blindfold prevented her sight so she had to rely on her other remaining senses, she felt his return, then him attaching chains to her handcuffs that were under her “frank what are you doing?” Jane asked “I’m attaching chains to the handcuffs Jane so that you can’t move your hands or arms and I will be attaching chains and  cuffs to your ankles” as he said that he finished attaching the ankle cuffs and chains. She was now in the all 4’s position with chains holding her legs open and in place to where frank wanted them. He then continued “then Jane I am going to take some clothespins and attach them to your pussy lips.” As he did this Jane gave out a gasp “oh my” Jane said “but” frank continued “we aren’t nearly done.” Oh?” Jane questioned “after I get these placed Jane I will attach string to each of your legs then around the clothespins to open you pussy wide, if it gets to be to much for you Jane you need to tell me right away I don’t want you pushing yourself further then what you can handle” frank said sympathetically to Jane “yes I understand frank. “jane call me sir it will be much easier for you to remember to say when you need to.” “yes sir” Jane smiled and said teasingly. He started putting the clothespins on her pussy lips and with each one he placed she gasped. “you should always thank the person for everything they do by saying thank you sir or thank you ma’am depending on who it may be” frank explained “yes sir, thank you sir” Jane said after he placed every clothespin on her pussy lips. “is that ok Jane?” “yes sir, it feels good sir thank you sir” Jane said eagerly. Frank then went on to finish putting the clothespins on then went on to the string and placed it so that it held the clothespins open,  Jane started to get very excited saying “it feels so good sir, what will happen next?” “now Jane just relax, and enjoy what you feel” he then started using the flogger lightly hitting Jane on the ass cheeks and in between her legs with the tassels then he turned the flogger around so that the handle was closest to Jane's legs then moved it back and forth on her love spot, making Jane very horny, wanting her to feel so much pleasure as much as he was feeling at this point. “oh my god sir I have never felt anything like this in my entire life I’m so turned on” “I’m so very glad to hear that Jane, now Jane I’m going to change things around a bit I’m going to use something a bit harder then a flogger it’s called a leather whip I’m hoping you will like it as much as I do.” “yes sir” Jane replied eagerly to please him.

Jane thought for a moment how strange it was that she was feeling all these things. How turned on she had gotten in a very short time. Jane could hear sounds coming from Michelle and Scott and it was adding to the eroticism that she was feeling.

Frank started taking the clothespins off of Jane with everyone he took off of her body she gave a slight noise then after all were removed he moved his hands over her body feeling every inch of her body that the clothespins touched the more he touched her the more aroused he became he was close to her so close she could feel his manhood becoming more and more apparent, she started to long for just a slight touch more then what she had already gotten, a more clearer touch.

With whip in hand he started to strike Jane. “ow” Jane said “are you ok m’dear?”  frank asked Jane, worried she may be overwhelmed, thinking it was just to much to soon for her to handle. “yes sir I’m fine” Jane reassured him. Frank continued touching Jane all over her body feeling his way from one end to the other, making sure he didn’t miss one inch of her sexy soft skin. Making him long to touch her, the more he touched the more he wanted, he longed for. He striked her again with the leather whip she winced again and again with every stoke with the whip. Frank touched her left ass cheek “remember Jane” he said in a soft tone “you should be saying thank you sir.” With that he striked her with the whip “yes sir thank you sir” Jane said as she was starting to feel the whip more and more her ass became warm very warm and frank was loving what this was doing to her. Frank took the leather ankle cuffs, handcuffs off and blindfold off Jane “come get up lets try the Jacuzzi how does that sound?” Jane smiled “that sounds like a wonderful idea sir.” Ever since Jane first saw the Jacuzzi she had wanted to try it out, Jane had only ever been in one or two before. Both hopped in the Jacuzzi tub and sat back against the warm walls, the jets were on half full it felt so good against Jane's back, she closed her eyes and imagined that she was alone in the room, it felt relaxing that Jane forgot where she was the next thing she knew frank was kissing her neck, where ever he touched with his hand a kiss was sure to follow. Jane kept her eyes closed, enjoying the touches and kisses from frank “mmmm, that feels so good sir” Jane said in a very low whisper “mmm yes it does I must agree” frank replied “your skin tastes sweet, it’s so soft and smooth, very creamy.” Jane smiled with the thoughts that frank had just told her. She started wondering where all of this would end up leading and she was a bit worried that she wouldn’t be able to go through with it if it came right down to it. “are you ok Jane?” frank broke her concentration from her thoughts. “yes quite fine thank you sir.” Jane said feeling very silly for a minute. “thought I had lost you for a minute there when you didn’t respond at first.” Frank gave Jane a warm smile then went and sat back against the wall facing Jane, giving her some time and space to take it all in. “Jane I hope everything is ok, I do hope that you have enjoyed yourself and will come back again. I would love the chance to explore more with  you in time.” Jane smiled at frank 


            As the night progressed Jane looked on with amazement while frank led her around to watch some of the others and what they were all taking part in their fantasy’s.  she wondered to herself how much differently things are in this atmosphere compared to how most of her other friends and family live and treat their sexual part in their lives. For the better part of her life talking about sex was not allowed in the family home, nothing was ever said no words of sexual orientation were spoken by anyone and if someone did speak of it a quick look by mom or dad and we knew we were in hot water. Jane longed to talk about such things with her mom but she could never talk to her mom about such things. So Jane would lean on her older sister Gwen, more so when things seemed the toughest and roughest.


            As Jane sat quietly in the study awaiting john’s arrival to speak with him, she wondered what kind of life he must lead, maybe there’s a story there, Jane giggled out loud not realizing john was standing in the door way gazing at her. He interrupted her thoughts with a slight clearing of his throat. He smiled at Jane then said “a good thought I would hope m’dear.” Jane blushing replied “yes of coarse I was just thinking what an amazing life you lead.” “it’s really not all that amazing Jane,” john explained “I am just  doing what I love to do, I love sex so my night life is spent in this scene where I get to feel more pleasure then one could ever possibly imagine, and by day I’m a very smart businessman or ate last so everyone keeps telling me.” John chuckled then Jane joined in with the laughter. “so I was waiting here for you to find out what you wanted to talk to me about john, as you said earlier  you wanted me to stop by and have a chat with you I do believe.” Jane said cautiously waiting for his reply. “yes” john started “ I was wondering how you made out for your first night of participating and if I’m not mistaken you must have changed your mind about just watching” john said with anticipation “yes I did participate a bit john, not a whole lot but a bit. I was very unsure of all of this and still am in certain ways but it was fun. I would like to try some more at another time maybe down the road but right now I really don’t think I can get into this whole heartedly right now its’ just a bad time for me. I’m sorry I really did have fun though but maybe another time and another place things might have gone differently." Jane said sympathetically. “m’dear I totally understand where your coming from and I thank you for being very honest with me, as I told you earlier you are very welcome here anytime.” John said with a smile which crept upon his face. John took out a business card and a pen then wrote a few numbers on the back of it, handing it to Jane he said “here is my card Jane I wrote a few numbers that I’m sure will come in handy one day. If you need anything at all give me a call.” “Thanks john I appreciate it and I will make sure I hang on this card and if I need to I will use it.” Jane said promising john that she would use it when in need. “you take care Jane” john said giving Jane a hug and seeing her to the door “thanks again john I really did have fun I just wish it was a different time in life for me, I really could see making something out of this here. I really do like the idea of all of this, it’s very interesting to me as well as the people that were all here tonight. I have met a lot of people, a lot of interesting people, and am really glad I did come tonight.” “I’m glad that you had fun m’dear and please do stay in touch no matter where your life takes you. I would like to keep in touch if that is alright with you Jane.?” “sure that would be great john I’d like that too I think.” Smiling from ear to ear Jane couldn’t do anything else but smile for some reason she felt happier then she had in years, and really didn’t quite understand why.

            Jane left johns home feeling unsure of everything she had grown to know and now all of that was different, she had heard of such things but never herself had ever seen nor experienced anything even remotely close to what she had tonight. Smiling to herself she thought the entire car ride home with her friend krissy which made krissy wonder what was actually going on inside of her friends head so krissy finally broke the silence. “jane, you are so quiet is everything ok?” krissy asked wanting to know how her night went. Finally Jane said “yes krissy everything is ok, I’m just thinking is all. What a wonderful night that was I have never before ever experienced anything like it, it was so amazing but honestly it’s not the right time for me to begin a new endeavor with my life I have so much happening with family back home and work here and I’m just tired krissy I need a drastic change from my everyday life.” Jane said sounding so very sad. Like a total different person then the one who had been at the party. Krissy listened to what Jane was saying with much compassion as she could possibly muster. “jane you know you can talk to me anytime about anything right, I mean you have been there for me so many times I can’t even begin to count and to come to think of it I don’t think I have ever helped you out when you needed it the most. I do wish you would confide in me Jane just a little bit even at least then I would know I’ve helped you out in any way, even a small way would be good.” Yes krissy and I thanks you for it and yes you have helped me more then you can possibly ever know, but don’t worry krissy things will work out in their own good times, this stuff can’t be rushed it has to go on it’s own unfortunately.” Jane said in a very soft almost whisper type voice.  Krissy and Jane both grew quiet for the rest of the journey home, both pondering thoughts of what had  happened throughout the evening. Then krissy’s thoughts went back to Jane, which left her wondering what her friend was really going through and what was running through Jane's thoughts as they drove home.

            “see you later krissy, I really have to get home to get some sleep or I’m going to be in trouble with the my boss again and I really can’t afford to be late or screw up in anyway.” Jane said with a very worried look over her face. Forcing a smile krissy went on  “I’m sure things will work out just fine for you Jane, have a little faith. “I know krissy, I keep telling myself things will turn out just fine. After all time is all it takes and time is all anyone of us have.” Jane said smiling at krissy giving her friend a reassuring look, krissy shut the door to Jane's car and waved Jane off down the street and out of sight. A few moments later Jane was walking in through her apartment door, to the answering machine that sat on a small table against the wall beside the beige color couch.

Jane presses the play back button o the answering machine “you have three new messages” oh wonderful Jane thought just what I need more reminders and more pressure from the family. Jane sighed listening to message after message finally getting to the final one she reset the answering machine to answer new messages went into the bathroom to start a warm soothing foam bath. Then she went on to putting on some very soft soothing music and lighting the candles then hopping into the tub, letting the aroma of strawberries coming from the foam bath, take her to her special place, a place where no one could or would ever intrude. The smell of strawberries always relaxed Jane especially after a long day at the office or at the club when she needed to wind down.

            Feeling a little more relaxed Jane climbed out of the tub and into her pajama’s, then climbed into bed reaching for the remote for the television she's turned it on to see what late night movie was playing. She flipped through the channels finding nothing she pressed play on the vcr to watch the movie a love story, she always fell asleep to, listening to the movie play in the background with the volume low just loud enough to hear what was happening but not loud enough to keep her awake with intrigue into the movie, no matter how many times Jane would watch the movie she would always be so surprised by all the twists and turns that the actors and actresses would go through. It was like watching the movie for the first time every time she would watch it. Thirty minutes passed and Jane was no closer to sleeping then she was when she first laid down in bed. After another 30 minutes had passed, Jane decided to get up. She got up off the bed went to the dresser where her laptop sat and went and sat back down on the bed with the laptop. She checked her email then went on her MSN messenger to see who was online that she knew. She thought to herself “now wouldn’t this just figure no one is online that I know at this hour now what am I going to do.” So she ventured into a chat room to see what was going on in there. She wasn’t in the chartroom for more then 5 minutes and already was getting messaged by someone.


Darksoldier            “hi, how are you tonight?”


Jane                  “ok thank you and how are you?


Darksoldier     “I’m good thanks. So what are you doing up at this hour? Why aren’t you                      sleeping?


Jane                 “still kind of wound up from earlier how about you?”


Darksoldier     “I just finished work and now I’m relaxing, just surfing the web no one is on that I know so I’m trying to pass time seeing there really isn’t anything interesting on television right now so the internet is the next best thing.”


Jane                  “very cool, do you always work the late shift?”


Darksoldier      “normally I do but every so often I get switched around. We have 3 shifts where I work but I prefer the late shift over the day or graveyard shift. But all in all it’s pretty easy work, just keep your mind on the work instead of other things, it goes a lot smoother lol.”


Jane                  “yes I can imagine it would. I know when I’m at work I sometimes have a hard time keeping my mind on what I’m suppose to be doing especially on nice days when all I want to do is be out in the park or walking down by the lake.”


Darksoldier            “now there is a good idea I love walking down by the lake especially on a warm summer’s eve. There really isn’t anything like it in the world so soothing the water moving, crashing along the sides and up onto the beach. I really can’t wait till that time comes again I really miss it, this winter cold months need to go away and the spring summer and fall needs to come soon. LoL”

 Jane                 “hahaha yes I know exactly what you mean dark I miss those times too. But they will be with us once again soon enough. So tell me dark what do you usually do at this time of night? I’m not usually on I really don’t have time. I couldn’t sleep tonight so here I am.”

 Darksoldier             “well normally if no one is on you will find me in here or I’ll surf the web to see what I can find. I like downloading music and movies it’s one way of passing the time away or I’ll play a game on yahoo or msn I’ve tried pogo a few times as well but mainly yahoo or msn game zone.”

 Jane                 “wow that’s very cool dark I’m glad we got the chance to talk but I do have to head back to bed I have to be up very early in the morning for work. I hope we run into each other again down the road it was very nice talking with you. Goodnight.”

 Darksoldier            “it was my pleasure always nice talking to another person and actually having an interesting conversation that actually continues and doesn’t stop after five or so minutes. It was very nice meeting you and I do hope we do run into each other again soon I really did enjoy talking with you. If your ever online at night like this again look me up I’m usually around. Goodnight Jane sweet dreams!!”

             Jane turned the computer off, put it back up on the dresser, then climbed back in bed. Before she realized it, she was fast asleep. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP the alarm clock continued until Jane finally woke “6:15 already” Jane said while yawning. “why does morning have to come so early” she got out of bed and headed for the kitchen, switched on the coffee maker, reached for a cup. Went to the fridge reached for the milk, then to the cupboards for the sugar. She sat at the kitchen table reading over the daily newspaper. Finally reaching the comic section Jane stopped to read Hagar’s comic strip to have the laugh of the day. It always made her laugh, the sitcom type comic strip always no matter of her mood made her laugh, something she has always relied on to put her in a good mood first thing in the morning. After reading the paper and having her first cup of coffee with toast she quickly went and had a shower. The thoughts that ran through her head was only that she couldn’t be late for work, Mr. Lardy was already very upset with her and she really didn’t want to push him over the edge and that is exactly what she was afraid was going to happen. Walking into the bedroom, Jane glanced over at the clock “oh no 7:15 I’m going to be late.” Suddenly Jane picked up the pace, she didn’t want to be late. Five minutes later she was running out the door, walking at a very fast pace almost running she made it to the elevator just as it was closing. Knowing she couldn’t wait for the elevator to make it back to her floor, she chose to run down the stairs to the parking garage, to where her car was parked. Constantly looking at her watch she kept thinking to herself how this really couldn’t be happening to her. Being late for work wasn’t an option today but if anything else went wrong and prevented her from getting to her car, she would be late for work. Suddenly the loud buzzing noise rang through her head the fire alarm had sounded, people filled the stairwell from every direction making it very hard for her to get to her car. She managed to get past most of the slower people making their way out of the building to safety until they were told they could return to their homes. Turning the car ignition over the first time, the car didn’t want to start, Jane hits the steering wheel with her fist then calmly says “please start for me, please.” Trying to start the car once again, success it starts. Slowly pulling out of her parking spot she pulls up to the garage door and out of the garage almost running into another tenant running late for work and very irate. The man gave Jane a very disapproved look of disgust then continued on his way. Jane shook it off then continued on her way to work..


            Walking into the office was touch and go for Jane she was hoping that her boss would give her a little leniency, considering the fire alarm going off couldn’t be helped to make her a little delayed in getting to work on time and maybe the fact she was only ten minutes late would help her case when her boss called her into his office. Sitting down at her desk she immediately made herself extremely busy, looking up from time to time to see if Mr. Lardy was around and checking up on her, and to see if she could see her friend Cynthia but every time she looked she didn’t see either of them which made her breathe a sigh of relief.  The next thing Jane knew it was one thirty-five, her stomach started rumbling so she got up, grabbed her jacket and purse and headed out to grab a bite to eat. Just as she reached the doors to the office building Mr. Lardy was coming in. “hello Jane.” Mr. Lardy said to Jane in a friendly voice. “hello Mr. Lardy, just realized what time it was and thought I’d get a bite to eat." Jane replied. “I’ve seen you have been very busy working today good work! Keep it up Jane it’s what we like to see in our employee’s. and about being late this morning it’s a big improvement Jane try and be on time from now on ok.” Mr. Lardy gave Jane a warm and friendly smile. “thank you Mr. Lardy, and about this morning the fire alarm went off in my building as I was trying to make my way down the stairs. It really couldn’t be helped, but I will try to be on time from now on.” Jane said trying to keep things light. “try and keep to an hour for lunch Jane we really do have a lot of work coming our way right now and the faster we get it done the better it will be for all involved.” Mr. Lardy cautioned. “alright Mr. Lardy, I’ll get back as quickly as I can. If I need to I can grab a sandwich and coffee and head back to my desk, then eat while I work if you would like." Jane asked “no you go have your lunch dear. Work will keep, you need to keep your strength up to do all the work for us.” Mr. Lardy said half laughing “but seriously Jane go and have lunch enjoy it’s a beautiful day out today. We won’t have many of them left until the spring so enjoy it while you can.” “thanks, I think I will do just that.” Jane replied with a smile. Then turned and continued on her way, to Hanagans.


Patrick was in his usual spot behind the bar, waiting to take orders to serve to customers, but as soon as he noticed Jane walking through the door.  He rushed over to her, to see if he could get her to notice him more then just to take her order. “hi Jane, it’s good to see you again. Are you dining alone for lunch today?” Patrick asked with anticipation. “hi Patrick" Jane replied with a smile “yes just me today, what do you suggest I eat today?” Jane asked while peering around the pub to see who was all there, looking for a familiar face amongst the crowd. “well I suggest the lasagna.” Patrick told her, all the while knowing that lasagna was her favorite. Patrick gave Jane a smile then waited for her to reply as to what she wanted for lunch. “mmm that sounds good Patrick, I think I will have that with the grilled chicken Caesar salad with some French bread as well and to drink I think I will have some lemon tea if you could muster that for me Patrick I’d really appreciate it.” Jane said smiling back at him. “sure enough Jane, just pick a seat anywhere and I’ll be right back with your salad and French bread.” Patrick said turning towards the kitchen. Jane peered around the room once again, seeing no one that she knew that well she continued on to a table over by the window a table cozy enough for only two people. Sitting down Jane noticed the newspaper over by the door, she got up,  walked over,  picked up the paper and then went and sat back down. Time seemed to go very quickly, before she knew it Patrick was back with her lunch. “here you go Jane, a grilled chicken Caesar salad with French bread and piping hot lasagna.” Patrick said with a huge grin. Smiling Jane says “thanks Patrick it looks and smells so very delicious.” Patrick started turning back towards the bar to leave Jane to eat when she stopped him dead in his tracks. “patrick why don’t you sit with me?” Jane asked “I would love nothing more then to join you Jane, but I’m afraid I have so much work to do that I really don’t have time to socialize all that much today.” Patrick said with much regret in his voice. For the longest time he had fantasized about Jane asking him to join her, and now she had he felt terrible, he had turned her offer to sit with him down. “oh ok maybe another time then.” Jane said feeling very sad and very alone at that precise moment.

            She quickly ate her lunch then hurried back to the office and back to work. The end of the day came before Jane realized that it was quitting time already. She dreaded quitting time, it meant that she had to go home to an empty apartment where she knew that a few phone calls were awaiting her to make. Slowly she cleared her desk, looked up at the clock then continued on to put things away from the day’s work. Getting up she noticed that there was a strange dark, handsome but rugged looking man walking towards her. She had never seen this man before but instantly she was attracted to him but not really knowing why. “hello” Jane offered her hand to the man. “hello, I’m Dakota.” “hello Dakota, I’m Jane how may I help you?” “I’m looking for Mr. Lardy, do you know where I might be able to find him?” “umm he might be in his office, it’s this way let  me take you to it." Jane said leading the way.  Arriving at Mr. laredy’s office they notice that he had already left for the day, Jane starts to say “it would seem Mr. Lardy has already left for the day. Is there anything I could help you with by any chance?” “thank you Jane but I’m afraid I will have to wait to see Mr. Lardy myself later. But by chance are you busy Jane?” “well.” Jane started to say “I was just going to go home and make dinner.” “well if your not busy why don’t you come out with me for a drink.” Dakota suggested to Jane “why not” Jane said “just let me get my things and we will be off.” Smiling Jane looked at Dakota. Jane walked back to her desk grabbed her coat and purse then turned to Dakota and said “ok all set” “great, any idea as to where to go in this city, it’s been so long since I’ve been here I really can’t remember where is a good place to go and where I shouldn’t go." Dakota asked “oh so you have been here before then?” Jane questioned “yes I used to live here.” Dakota said while giving her a teasing grin.

                        Jane really wasn’t sure what to make of this stranger that she was going to have a drink with and not really sure as to why she said yes that she would go with him. But she had to find out why she was so intrigued by this man, just  by the sight of him made her want to be near him, in so many ways. “so tell me” Jane started “where are you living now if it’s not here?” Jane asked “I live a little ways away in a place called Holiday Ville. It’s a lot different from here, that much I will say." Dakota was saying half chuckling. Jane smiled thinking what would it actually be like to live in Holiday Ville, and what would bring Dakota to this little city. “so what brings you back to this little city.” Jane asked with curiosity “well I have family here and I came back to visit them. It’s one of the reasons I was looking for Mr. Lardy.” “oh, well it’s to bad that you missed him, I’m sure he will be at the office first thing in the morning.” Jane said sympathetically  “knowing him, he sure will be." Dakota said laughing. Jane started to wonder why Dakota was laughing but let it  go and then started to say “so where do you feel like going Dakota?” “doesn’t really matter to be honest as long as there is good music and food.” Jane thought for a moment and then said well what about Hannagan;s.” Jane suggested to Dakota “ you mean hanagans is still around?” he asked “yes, still in business and going strong." Jane replied “great then lets go to hanagans.”dakota said and Jane both agreed on hanagans. They walked to hanagans without saying a word. The tension between Jane and Dakota was very thick, so thick you could cut it with a knife, both were very much on edge not quite sure what to say. Dakota didn’t want to tell Jane the whole truth about his family not just yet anyway, so he thought of what he could say that wouldn’t give it away.

            Finding a seat by the window at a table for two, Dakota looks at Jane then starts to ask her some questions.        

        “So Jane have you always lived here or do you come from somewhere else?" Dakota asked “no I haven’t lived here all my life but it sure feels like it. I moved here after I graduated. I went right to work for the ad agency that I’m with." Jane said in a soft voice. Jane gave Dakota a friendly smile then glancing over at peter looking back at Dakota then says “so how long will you be in town for?” Dakota looking down at the table for a brief moment, took a deep breath then looking at Jane, trying to find the words finally says “well I’m not sure to be honest. After I talk to Mr. Lardy I’ll know more I guess.” Jane gave Dakota a quick glance, which she found rather odd. She was sure she saw a sadness in Dakota she wasn’t sure what to make of it.

            They both sat looking around the room trying to figure out what to say or what not to say, neither one really knew what to say. This was all new territory for Jane, never before has she agreed to meet anyone after just a brief meeting, but was very intrigued by this man and not really sure as to why she felt the need to find out more about him. She looked at his face, the lines that were across his forehead. Noticing that he was now watching her study his face, she turned a slight color of red. Looking at her, sitting across the table from him, something about her made him want to know more about her.

“So Jane what do you like to do in your spare time?” “well I like to do a lot of things like skating, skiing, reading, hiking, movies ummm the list really goes on. What about you, what do you like to do?" Jane asked Dakota in return. “oh,” he began “I like doing all sorts of things like playing pool, skiing, sailing, traveling those kinds of things.” “sounds like we like doing some of the same stuff.” Jane said smiling. Peter walked up to the two of them, looked at both then started to say “hello Jane” giving her a smile. Peter looked at Dakota, offered his hand then said “hi I’m peter welcome to Hanagans.” Dakota took his hand, started chuckling then said “well peter how are you doing these days? It’s been awhile.” Peter looked at Dakota for a long moment then finally said “well look what the cat dragged in.” then quickly looked at Jane and said “no pun intended Jane” giving her a chuckle, then went back to Dakota. “it’s been so long how have you been Dakota?” peter eagerly asked “oh you know same ole same ole, just passing time by for awhile. Thought I’d come back and see what’s new with everyone sort of thing.” Dakota explained. “how’s work going for you these days?” peter asked “starting to slow down, that’s why I’m able to get away like this.” “so how long will you be with us this time Dakota?” peter asked “I’m not sure at this point to be honest.” Dakota continued talking to peter while Jane looked at the two men wondering how they knew each other. “how do I find out without coming right out and asking” Jane wondered. Then went back to listening to the two men remains old times from what it would seem. “it’s really good to see you again peter, too long in fact. We should definitely get together before I do leave and see if we can stir up some of the old trouble we used to get into." Dakota said giving peter a half joking chuckle. “Yes for sure we most definitely will, make sure you stop back in when you have more time and we will catch up some more." grinning at Jane, peter asked again “anything I can get you two?” “I’ll have a rye and ginger please.” Jane said smiling at peter. “I think I’ll have a Molson and some nacho’s” Dakota said looking at Jane for approval. Getting approval from Jane by a smile peter walked towards the bar to pour the drinks and put the order in for the nacho’s. Dakota turned back towards Jane, gave her a smile, took a deep breath “so tell me do you like motorcycles?” “I’ve never been on one but some that I’ve seen are really nice looking.” “would you ever ride one Jane, if given the chance?” Jane thought for a moment “I think I would but aren’t they dangerous?” “they can be if you aren’t paying attention, but for the most part motorcycles are great and very exciting.” A look of mystery came over his face, Jane looked at him with wonder in her eyes then he continued “jane I have a motorcycle, would you like to go for a ride sometime. Maybe when the weather gets nicer?” “wow really you have a motorcycle? What kind is it?” Jane asked with enthusiasm “yes I really do.” Dakota said half laughing “it’s a Harley black in color with flames that you can only see when the light hits it at the right angle. It’s not a bad night outside tonight if you feel up to it we could go for a little ride after we are done our nacho’s and drinks.” Jane thought for a minute then started to get a little chill running down her spine, just the thought of being on a motorcycle gave Jane chills. “sure I would love to Dakota. But are you sure it won’t be to cold to ride tonight?” “nah I am sure it will be just the right temperature, for us to enjoy a ride tonight.” Smiling at him Jane felt very wry about going for a ride with this complete stranger but thought it could be a lot of fun besides when was the last time she had done something so insane that she didn’t stop to think about it first.  “a ride sounds really good to me Dakota, I can’t wait.” “well alright then Jane, lets hope the nacho’s come quick and our drinks too of coarse so we can hit the road on the cycle.” Dakota said as he was looking to see if peter was bringing their drinks to their table. Shortly there after peter came to the table with the drinks “ a rye for you and a Molson for you,  the  nacho’s will  be right up.” With that peter turned towards the kitchen to retrieve the nacho's.  taking small sips Jane puts her glass down, then looks at Dakota “so how long have you rode bike for?” “a few years now, it’s taken me along time to get my bike the way I wanted it. I think I’m done modifying it and the paint job was done last year.” “so how do you know peter?” Jane asked with a quizzical look to her face. “we grew up together, went to the same school and in the same grade. We used to hang out in our free time, cause some havoc, then sit in the background and watch our handy work at it’s best.” Dakota said thinking back to his younger years growing up in this small town. The very same town he said he would never come back to, but yet every time things went the wrong way he found himself heading back home.

            “and here are your nacho’s, made fresh” peter said as he arrived back at the table. “hey Dakota, I was thinking” peter started to say “what are you doing later tonight or tomorrow?” Dakota thought for a moment then finally looked at peter and said “not to sure about tomorrow will depend on a few things to come. As for tonight I’m taking Jane for a ride on the bike.” Peter looked a bit sad for a second “well let me know about tomorrow but it should be a very nice night for a ride. What kind of bike do you have?” “I have a Harley, very smooth ride.” Dakota spoke the words with much pride. “very nice, very nice indeed. I will have to see it before you leave.” Peter responded “it’s what I drove down, the weather was so nice when I left that I decided to bring the bike instead of the truck.” Dakota explained. “I have a Honda, gets me from place to place. Does what I want it to, it’s really all that matters to me anyway.” Peter told them with a very coolness to his voice. Jane sitting there very quietly eating nacho’s and listening to the two men talk about their motorcycles. It was almost like watching to kids compare toys and who had the better one. Jane chuckled a little louder then what she had thought she did, right at that moment the two men stopped talking to look at Jane, which left them wondering what had her chuckling to herself. “jane are you ok?” peter asked with concern “yes I’m fine sorry I was just thinking to myself and I guess it came out instead of staying inside of me.” Jane explained half laughing. Dakota and peter joined her in the laughing moment, both not quite sure what to make of it or why they were even laughing.

            “Are you sure your ok, are you sure you don’t want to share  your thoughts Jane?”teasingly Dakota questioned. “yes I’m sure.” Jane replied. “anyhow Dakota it was really nice seeing you again but I must get back to work, no one is going to do it for me.” Peter said jokingly “make sure you drop by again and let me know about getting together one of these nights.” “I sure will peter. I’m glad we came in here, it’s been so long since I’ve been here I forgot what this place was like.” Dakota told peter. Then with that peter turned and walked away from the table leaving Dakota and Jane to talk amongst themselves. “it was really great to see him again after all this time, I can’t believe how much he has stayed the same. Still a ladies man I see.” Dakota told Jane ending it with a laugh. “that he is.” Jane said in a very quiet voice. “he’s always pleasant, always in a good mood. I can’t recall a time I ever saw him in a bad mood to be honest.” Jane said as she started thinking back to all the times she has been coming into Hannagan;s pub. “yes that sure sounds like peter.” Dakota mentioned to her. A silence fell over the table again leaving nothing but dead air and tension between the two sitting at the table, across from each other. “ok lets eat then get out of here.” Dakota suggested. “sure sounds like a good idea to me.” Jane said in return. The two started eating the nacho’s and drinking their drinks and before they knew it they were heading out the door back up towards the ad agency to where Dakota's motorcycle was parked. “here we go Jane” Dakota said handing her a helmet to put on “thanks.” Jane replied. Starting to laugh Dakota looked at Jane “um it goes on this way.” Turning the helmet around he helped her put it on the right way. Smiling Jane says “thanks Dakota.” “your welcome. Ok are you ready to go?” he asked her. “yes, I think so. I’m really excited about this.” As Dakota threw his right leg over the motorcycle he looks at Jane then says “ok hop on.” Quickly Jane put her foot on the footrest and swung her leg over the motorcycle, finding the seat very comfortable she sits. He turns the key, the bike starts immediately, he puts his gloves on, half turns to look at Jane sitting behind him and says “hold on tight my dear.” Half chuckling to himself, giving Jane a half heartedly smile he turns back to facing forward, adds gas and away they went. Racing down the street on the back of Dakota's Harley motorcycle, Jane was taken to another place in thought. She had wondered how she had missed this feeling her whole life. There’s nothing like it she thought. Just like flying with wings. The wind went through her auburn colored hair. The wind pushing against her face, leaving her feeling so excited, how much she loved riding on the motorcycle. Dakota pulled up to a stop at the lights, he looked back at Jane “are you ok so far?” he asked, shaking her head “yes” she managed to blurt out. Turning back to the lights ahead, green light, adding gas he sped off down the main road towards the country side. It wasn’t to cold riding the motorcycle but the air had a bit of a nip to it, but Jane really didn’t care that her hands were starting to feel a bit cold, so she made fists with both hands and buried them closer to his body. She closed her eyes so all she could feel was the wind and the movement from him driving the bike. She loved this feeling the feeling of being so free like nothing could touch her. She felt very safe and trusted him, she really didn’t know why and she wanted to find out but how would she be able to find out without really coming out and asking all the obvious but not so obvious questions. She had to find a way without him realizing that is what she was doing. She held on tight to him, the vibrations from the motorcycle ran through her, adding to all the excitement. They headed down a back road, it was a paved road, worn in time and needing to be done again soon. There wasn’t much traffic on the roads a car every now and again, but for the most part Dakota stayed towards the center, it must be the safest place to drive a bike Jane thought to herself, she didn’t want to seem like she really had no idea so she thought she best just not ask that way only she knew how little she really knew about  motorcycles. A little while later down the road Dakota turned right then about 5 kilometers more he pulled into a driveway to what looked like a little countryside inn diner with a gift shop attached. He pulled up into a parking spot then turned the bike around with ease so they were facing out. Turned the engine off, stood up, looked at Jane, taking off his helmet he says “ok we’re here, or at least our first stop.” Giving Jane a big smile she smiled back then shot him a question “what are we doing here?” she asked “I thought we should take a break from driving and get a bite to eat then we can continue on our drive after that.” He answered her quickly. She looked down then started taking her helmet off, then laying on the seat. “I take it you know this place well Dakota?” Jane couldn’t help but ask “yes I used to come here a lot when I was younger and still living in this area, but I don’t get a chance to come here to often, I thought it would be a perfect place to stop and grab a bite to eat.” “sounds good to me” Jane said giving him a smile. He placed his helmet on his seat, took his gloves and put them with his helmet. Then taking his sunglasses off he tucked them into his pocket.

            Stepping inside the countryside inn diner Jane surveyed the place. It was a quaint little place, very homey like. There only enough seating for about 10 people, it was always busy according to Dakota, but today Jane was about to find out why Dakota spoke so highly of it. Stepping inside, the two of them gazed around the room noticing the homey smells, the fragrance of fresh baked bread, and all the other heavenly aromas coming from the kitchen. They were promptly greeted at the door by a petite grandmotherly type woman with a soft voice that made you feel comfortable when she spoke to you. “hello, I’m Cassandra are you couple of young people, here for a late dinner?” “well how have you been Cassandra it sure has been awhile and a sight for sore eyes to see you again.” Dakota spoke with pride. “well heaven forbid look what the cat dragged in, it’s been so long Dakota how have you been?” “well thank you and how about you and your husband.” Dakota asked. “oh very well thank you Dakota you always were such a charming young man. Now back to my  original question are you two going to have a late dinner?” “yes ma’am we sure are” they both replied. Dakota and Jane looked at each other and smiled. “why then follow me and I will show you to a table. Cassandra led them to a little table for two near a window that you could see a very large horse ranch across the road. Jane stared for along time out the window, she seemed to miss when Cassandra was asking what they would like to drink. Dakota touched her arm “jane are you still with me?” he asked while he was half laughing. Jane turned a shade of red, “I’m sorry I was just taken back by how beautiful the country side looks especially the view of those horses across the road. I can understand why people would like to live out here, it’s so beautiful.” While Jane was explaining to Dakota how she felt about what she saw he looked at her with admiration and interest. He couldn’t believe that he had never heard of Jane from his father. All those years that his father came home and told stories from the people he worked with but not once had he ever mentioned this girl to him and he wondered why, now more  then ever he wanted to know more about her. “I ordered you a coffee Jane I sure hope you don’t mind. It didn’t seem like you were on the same planet as we were ” Dakota said with a teasing laughing “oh I’m sorry just got really taken back by the view but I’m here now. You have my whole attention, I promise no more leaving the planet for me.” Jane said teasingly right back at him. “well at least I know you have a sense of humor.” Giving her a smile. Cassandra was at the table with the coffee’s and menu’s in hand. “do you have any idea of what you would like to eat or would you like the menu’s?” Cassandra asked “well I think I’ll have the chili with Texas toast.” Dakota ordered “and for you miss?” looking briefly at the menu Jane looked up from the menu to Cassandra “I think I’ll have the same, please.” “very good choice. My husband always makes the best chili around these parts. It’s to die for my dear as  you will soon see.” With a smile and a nod Cassandra was off to the kitchen to hand their order in to the chef which happens to be her husband Dave. Leaning over and in a very low voice Dakota looks at Jane, Jane leans towards him so she can hear “ya know Jane she’s right the chili is to die for, her husband takes great  pride in his chili. He always has to come out after dinner to who ever ordered it, talks to them and get them to fill out a vocal survey.” Dakota started laughing and Jane joined him. “then I g guess we will be getting a visit from her husband after we are done eating.” Jane said laughing. Silence fell upon both  of them, back to that awkward moment of not knowing quite what to say. Jane looked back out the window at the horse ranch across the road, her thoughts kept drifting back to wondering what it would be like to live in the country on a ranch such as that one across the road. She wondered who lived there, what they did for work, what they did for entertainment and the list went on and on. Bringing her attention  back to Dakota she tossed around some questions in her head before opening her mouth to speak. “so Dakota how long ago did you move from the city?” “around 5 years now I think.” Dakota answered her trying to recall when he actually did move. “oh so you basically moved out of this town when I was basically moving in.” Jane made mention to him. “oh so I guess that would answer my next question to you Jane.” He said teasingly to her. Smiling Jane gave him a teasing yes. Silence filled the air once more, Cassandra broke the silence when she walked up to the table “here is your order of chili's and bread, would you two like anything else?” Cassandra waited patently for an answer finally “yes everything looks so good and I think we are ok for now” Dakota said with confidence. “good, now  you two enjoy." Cassandra said, then turning on her heels she was off to tend to something in the kitchen.

            Eating a few spoonfuls of chili, Jane pauses for a moment looks at Dakota then starts to say “this really is good. I’m not sure if I have ever had chili as good as this before or not but I’m leaning towards I never have.” Both Jane and Dakota start laughing, a few minutes later Cassandra was heading over towards their table. “how is everything?” she asked, but before Dakota could say anything Jane had beat him to it this time “it’s really good, I’m really impressed. I’ve never had chili this good before.” Jane said rambling on and on to Cassandra. Dakota watched the two women talk about how good Jane thought the food was, enjoying the sight of watching the emotions that crossed Cassandra's face with every word Jane was saying.


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