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The Anime Temple
"I'm Moni-chan!"
"And I'm Carol-chan!and we're the two mikos running the place"
"Welcome to our website.Sorry if it sucks, but it's our first one."
"Give us a break!!"
"This site has many different types of anime and manga series. Like Inu-Yasha,Dragonball, Fushigi Yugi, Digimon, Ranma 1/2, and Pokemon"
"Actually, thats all we have at the moment."
"These are our shrines to the different manga and anime series."
"Just click on the one you wish to see."
"This is our (mostly mine 'cause Moni-chan doesn't like it that much) shrine to Inu-Yasha. I get to host it with Shippo!"
"This is our wonderful Dragonball site. It ain't perfect, but it's close enough. Because Carol-chan got Shippo to host the Inu-Yasha site, I got Gregory to co-host this one. Yay!"
"Fushigi Yugi is the next shrine that we have. For reasons to be explained later, the co-host for this site is Tama. Not Tamahome, but Tama the cat."
"That's the extent of his speaking abilities"
" Digimon! you know the show with the kids and the monsters. Well any ways Matt is gonna help run this site"
"I'm da man, right Mon-chan?"
"ya ya we know!!!, vist this site Kay"
"This is our shrine to Ranma 1/2. It is devoted to our lovable martirtial artists with problems way wierder than anyones. P-chan was gonna help me, but I sortta mention my fondness for pork, and....well......"
"And last but not least, this shrine is dedicated to those cute, little Pokemon! Co-hosting with me is Brock."
Brock:"Hi everybody!"
"Yeah, I know, but he needed a job after not being in the second season where some other guy took his place, and Team Rocket was too busy, trying to snatch Pikachu."
"And now, this is the last and crappiest shrine on our site"
"It's not even that big....or clean....or good..."
about us."
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