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How goes the uni life?
Well, *some* people do not conform to this 'uni' business, we prefer the much kosher ways of TAFE, or unemployment
Tis good
It's awesome dude, I've still got this hangover from Conception Day
*sobs* I wanna go back to high skool, mommy

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Two Rejects

HI, perhaps you were just a tad lost on your slightly slow browser, for you now find yourself in a very, very demented place. The title should speak for itself. Soryy 'bout the new page and all, see i had too much 'cauliflower' the other day and somehow deleted the original index page. so bite me. anyhow, i've started again, but now i simply can't be bothered with anything fancy anymore, k?

Last Updated: December 21st, 2003 (I know! finally updated, this is what a lot of boredom does to a person)

well actually, nothing's been updated much, i did add a section for those of you who wanna access the 'secret' pages, don't know why, they're just full of demented rants and scrawls, really. and for people who keep forgetting their damn username/passwords, grow a frickin' memory! or at least learn some common sense h@cKinG sKiLlz!

and for the very last time, thou shalt sign the guest booketh, for it is dismally bareth.

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Orca & Flipper