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After Death
Disclaimer: The sonic gang does NOT belong to widdle mee

Part II
I awoke in a white bed, I was in a white room, and I was in a white flowing gown. Where an I? What happened? Then, a white figure entered the room. It was a hedgehog, a white female hedgehog in the same white gown as I was in. The white hedgehog looked at me annoyingly. The hedgehog got out a clip board and started writing on it.

"So. ya name is Amy Rose?" She said without looking up at me.

"Yes, that's my name. Where am I?"

"Hm. you died at 2:46AM, hun?" She said ignoring my question.

"Wha-?! Died?!"

"I see. I'll take that as a yes. You were hit by a car, no?" She said writing some more stuff on her clip board.

"Hit by a car?! What are you talking about?!"

"Hm.?! You don't remember?" said the hedgehog looking up.

"Remember what?" The hedgehog sighed and put her clip board down.

"Amy, hun, hate to break it to ya. but you are dead"


"Yes, dead, is there an echo in here? DEAD!"

"OK, OK, sheesh. Am I in heaven?"

"No, in Lower Heaven. It's where you sign in and get ya wings and halo and bla bla bla."


"Well, first we have to see how your little friends are and say good-bye"


"Yeah, bye, sayonara, see ya, hasta luigo, adios amigo, bye!"

"Alright, alright"

"Ok then, follow me"

The white hedgehog took my hand and led my out of the white room. There was a long hall way, with lots of doors.

"What are in these doors?"

"Other people who are dead. Angels that are my species go and retrieve them and take them to heaven"

"Like what you are doing now to me?"

"Yeah, yeah, it's a boring job after 20,000 years"

The White hedgehog took me to a big door at the end of the hall. It had golden handles on it, the white hedgehog opened the door and reveled something I have never seen before. In the room was a warp type thingy, it was a big bright hole.

"Gulp.are we going in there..?"

"Yep, it's the Light Hole"

"Where will it take us?"

"It will take us to where ever your loved ones are"


"Want me to go first?"

"Yeah. I'm kind of new."

"Well no duh"

The White hedgehog went in the warp hole with me following. The hole looked deep, but to my surprise, it was not. I was outside, in the park, in Station Square. It was raining; near the ending of the park was a bunch of familiar friends; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Rouge! I waved to them but the white hedgehog who was beside me grabbed my arm and put it down.

"They can't see you, hun, nor can they hear you"

"What's going on?"

"Look for your self"

I did, I walked over there up to Knuckles, but he was crying. I turned to Tails and he was crying also. So was Sonic and Rouge, but why?! I waved my hand in-front of Sonic's face but the white hedgehog was right, he couldn't see me.

Rouge: "It's a shame.."

Tails: "Yeah, she did bring lots of joy."

Sonic: "Why was she walking out in the middle of the night anyway?"

Knuckles: "Who knows?"

Tails dropped a rose on a tomb stone. Carved on the tomb stone was 'Amy Rose R.I.P'. I looked at the craving in fear. It's true, I am dead! But I don't wanna die! It went too fast! I wanna live! I dropped on my knees and hugged Sonic's ankles, well at least tried. I went right through Sonic's legs and smashed on the wet grass. The white hedgehog came and helped me up.

"Are you finished saying good-bye?"

"Will I ever see them again?"

The white hedgehog shook her head.

"Sorry. but ya know, we have to go now"

"Yeah, yeah"

The white hedgehog turned around and the Light Hole appeared. We both went inside. On the other end of the Light Hole was another hall way. At the end was a desk; at the desk was another white hedgehog. It was a male in white clothing. He was writing stuff down in a book, he looked busy.

We walked to the desk.

The hedgehog looked up at me and said, "This is were you sign up to go to Heaven, name please"

"Amy Rose" I responded.

"Species please"


"Excuse me?"

"Hedgehog, I'm a hedgehog"

"Oh." the hedgehog looked in his book that he was writing in and flipped through it. "Oh-no.."

"What, what's wrong?"

"I am sorry, but the hedgehog's section is full"


"Yeah, full, no more room, nada, can't fit anyone else, sorry"

"W-w-well, where do I go now?"

"The only other place, duh"

"You mean He-"

"We forbid that word here in Lower Heaven"

"But you can't send me... me. down there!!"

"Yes I can, it's either that or you being on ghost on Earth haunting everyone, and I know you don't want to do that"

"Isn't there anything I can do to stop this?!"

"Um.. I think there's something, wait, no there isn't, never mind"

"Please let me stay here!!"

"I can't do it, now follow me" the hedgehog got up from his desk and led me to a room. It wasn't as pretty as the other rooms, it was dark.

"Please step in the elevator" the hedgehog said kindly. I did so. The hedgehog smiled at me. "Did you bring any sun screen?"

"No, sorry, I don't have any luggage"

"Oh, no wonder you look so pathetic. Well, anyway, happy travels!" the elevator door closed and the hedgehog pulled a heavy lever making the elevator go down. I can't believe it, I'm going to Hell, this sucks. The way down, was pretty bumpy-like. Later, things started to get hot, steam rose from the floor. I heard screams from behind the elevator doors making me feel very uncomfortable.

Then, unexpectedly, the doors opened, reviling a hedgehog that looked like the one who put me in the elevator in Lower Heaven but dark red.

"Ello" said the dark red hedgehog to me.


"Welcome to Upper Hell, here you can sign in so you can go to Hell"

"I see.."

"Well don't just stand there, come on" the dark hedgehog led me to a desk that was probably where I was supposed to sign in. "Name please"

"Amy Rose"

"Species please"


"Ok. you're signed in" said the hedgehog after writing down things in his big red book.

"How is Hell?"

"It's OK I guess"

"So, how far away is Hell from Heav-"

"Sorry, we forbid that word here in Upper Hell"

"Oh, well. OK. Well, where do I go now?"

"You have to go to the Devil's Shop on the lower floor to get your bat wings and devil tail"

"Oh alight then, could you give me directions to the lower floor?"

"Just go down the elevator to the last level, and there you go down the hall, to your right the Devil's Shop should be there"

I thanked the dark red hedgehog and took the directions he gave me. On my right there was the Devil's Shop. I went inside and there was another hedgehog welcoming me.

"Hello, and welcome to the Devil's Shop. May I interest you in some of our finest bat wings?"


The hedgehog led me to some bat wings in a case, they were purple, it looked like Rouge's wings a little bit.

"Would you like them?"

"Um... sure, I'll take 'em"


The hedgehog got the bat wings out of the case and got out a little box from her pocket. The hedgehog placed the bat wings on back and opened the box that contained some sort of black powder and put it on my back.

"Don't flap our wings until 24 has past, you have to give it time to let them attach to your back permanently. May I interest you in some devil tails?"


The hedgehog led me to a devil tail, it was also purple. I chose that one, the hedgehog nodded and did the same thing she did to attach my bat wings.

"Don't swing your devil tail until 24 hours has past, give it time to attach"

"Okies! Thanks! Where do I go now? How do I get to Hell?"

"Well, from Upper Hell, you have to get to a Dark Hole"

"Is it similar to a Light Hole?"

"Yep, let me help you"

The hedgehog turned around and showed me a Dark Hole.

"Go inside and you will be in Hell, hope you like it there!"


I went inside the Dark Hole; on the other side there was a big sign that said 'Welcome to Hell'. At least it's a nice welcome. Standing by the sign was another hedgehog. It was a male; he was all purple and had green eyes. He looked older than me, like 2 years older. (A/N: he's 16)

"Amy?" he said to me.

"Do I know you?"

"Oh my Devil! It's my baby cousin Amy! It's true, you are dead!" the purple hedgehog came up to me and gave me the biggest hug I ever received.

"Baby cousin?!" I said gasping for air.

"You mean you don't remember me? Cousin Danny?!"

"Nope, sorry."

"Aw, what a shame. Well, hello, I'm your Cousin Danny, on your mother's side"

"Hey Danny, didn't know I even had a cousin"

"Yeah, I heard you were dead and heading down for Hell"

"Yep, here I am"

"So, since you have no where to live, want to stay at my apartment? Please Cousin Amy.."

"Sure Dan-"

"Please call me Cousin Danny after all, I am your cousin"


© 2005 BlackDream