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After Death
Disclaimer: The sonic gang does NOT belong to widdle mee

Part V
**Some where in Heaven**
(A/N:Im narrating in this chapter)
He walked back and forth, back and forth thinking. 'Why am I here? ..I dont deserve this place, the awful things I have done to all of those innocent people down there.. I shouldn't be here.' He stop, looking down at his white shoes, a tear slid down his cheek but he quickly wiped it away as if it never appeared. He walked over to the door reaching out for the nob, then stopped. '..What about Maria?' His thought was interrupted by a sudden knock on the door. He shook his head trying to get the sad images out of his head and opened the door.

A white chao was hovering above the ground infront of Shadow smiling, "Hi! You got mail!" the white chao passed a few letters and the weekly newspaper. Shadow took his mail and waved g'bye to the chao and slowly shut the door.

Shadow walked over to one corner of the room where a table and two chairs were set, he sat in the chair that was closest to him. Shadow opened a few letters, only recieving junk mail suck as "You could be a winner!" or "Take our survey!" nothing grabbed his interest and tossed the unnecessary letters in the waste basket behind him. All was left was one last letter, Shadow opened it, not exited at all. Instead of the junk mail always reading in big font and usually in multi colors to get people's attention, this letter was some what different. It read:

Dear Shadow,

I haven't seen you in such a long time, why haven't you payed me a visit? I fear that there's something wrong, why don't you tell me? I've written countless letters and yet you fail to respond, have I done something wrong? Shadow please talk to me.. I'm afraid that our friendship is at stake. Please reply.


Shadow foled the letter and placed it on a pile of letters on the table, all sent from Maria. He wished that he would snap out of this mist of guilt. He wanted to jump up and run over to Maria apologizing that he hasn't spoken in weeks, but something was holding him back. He was so guilty of the things he had done that he was ashamed to look Maria in the face.

Shadow looked down at the remaining of his mail. He pushed aside the newspaper and sat up on his feet. He became bored and depressed, longing for a nap he walked over and ploped on his bed, lightly bouncing up and down. He soon fell into one of his pleasant dreams, sleeping soundly.

**Some where in Hell**
(WARNING: expext adult language)

Danny sat back in his chair resting his feet on his desk. The light that was hanging on the ceiling above Danny was flickering. Danny's office was tiny, almost the size of a closet for coats and jackets. The room desprately need lighting, no windows could be found. "God, I need to give that thing a new bulb", Danny thought to himself as he looked up at the flickering light. "Oh wait, I can't, because I'm fucking broke!", he kicked a couple of boxes that were set on his desk across the room hitting the wall leaving a dent.

"HEY, quiet down in there!", a voice bellowed out from behind the wall. Danny raised his middle finger. He went through some of his drawers in his desk. Instead of being filled with important papers, all there was was small used up cigs. He picked up a new one and put it in his mouth searching for a lighter in one of his drawers. "Argh, dammit!" Danny slammed his drawer shut. He got up out of his seat and walked out of his tiny office.

Danny walked down the hallway passing a few closed doors, until he stopped at one and knocked. Without waiting for a 'come in', Danny opened the door.

"Hey Kathy, do you have a lighter I could use?" Danny asked with the cig still in his mouth.

"Smoking can kill you, ya know?" Kathy replied sarcasticly without even looking up at Danny. Kathy was a purple echidna with beautiful green eyes.

"Yeah but don't you remember? I'm already dead," Danny said chuckling. Kathy looked up at him insulted.

"You shouldn't laugh about that, be serious for once."

He rolled his eyes ignoring her. Kathy, seeing that there was no point to this sighed and went through her purse that was sitting beside her on the desk. She found a lighter and tossed it to Danny.

"You didn't come to work yesterday, why?" Kathy asked.

"I had to pick up my cousin," Danny replied lighting his cig.

Kathy gave him a cocky look, "You have a cousin? Since when?"

"Since my aunt had a baby? I don't know." He inhaled, and blew out white smoke, including relief. "She's about..uh, 14 or 15? I'm not sure, I haven't seen her in years. I first saw her when she was a baby, her quills has diffenitly grown." Danny smirked, "..and so has everything else." Danny added and blew out a puff of smoke.

Kathy disgusted, looked away. "Oh God Kathy, I'm only kidding! Sheesh." He tossed her lighter on her desk.

Kathy, longing to get off the subject, sat in her chair with her legs crossed stared at the pile of papers on her desk lost in her thoughts. She let out a sigh.

"..Hey, what's wrong?" She looked at Danny with her large green eyes. Kathy took an article from off of her desk and gave it to Danny. Danny's eyes widened as he read the headlines.

Heaven Closed, Hell Open

"What the fuck does this mean?!"

"Read on, it'll tell you."

Danny skimmed the artical..

"Heaven is currently filled up and will be under construction for the following months. In the meantime, LHC (Lower Heaven Court) has decided that the death's of The Inocient will be temporarily moved to Hell. A letter will be sent to The Inocient confirming that Heaven's construction has fully ended."

"This is bullshit! If The Inocient is sent to Hell, then they should stay in Hell like the rest of us!" Raged Danny as he let out his cig and threw it in the trash.

"I know what you mean..but they don't deserve to be here. They're The Inocient.."

Danny looked straight in Kathy's eyes in anger, "Did you ever stop to think that some of us here is actually one of The Inocients?! We all did our bad deeds, so we get punished, die, and now look where we are! Ever think that you were The Inocient-" Danny stopped himself before another word was said.

She was silent, and hung her head. Her eyes began to water..

"I didn't mean.. to say that." He apologized.

While her head hung down she whispered under her breathe, "LHC is a joke.. they didn't allow me in Heaven for that simle mistake. We all do bad things in our First Life, no one is perfect.."

He paused, the gears in his head began to twirle. "..A-Are you expecting a letter from the LHC? Kathy its already been done, you can't get into Heaven! Not without the LHC in control!"

She jerked her head up at Him, "You're acting like I'm the only one who wants to get out of here! What about you?! You're not The Inocient around here! I am! You are the one who murdered your partner, not me!"

His eyes widened again.. his hand began to shake. Yes, its true he shot him, Alex. He told everyone it was the other way around, that Alex shot him because he was greedy and wanted all the money to himself. He told this story over and over again, he convinced everyone, his friends and even to Amy. At one time, he even convinced himself, thinking that he was The Inocient.

Danny didn't respond, he turned around and slowly walked out of the room.

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