S.F.Firehydrant was formed in 97. The original band was brought up by Matt,Kevin,and J.But J had to go away to college and the band broke up for a year.J came back and the band got together and thats when they picked up Voll. J had to go to college again and then the boys decided to pick up a new bass player. Thats when the called up stubs. Thats how S.F.got started.Now all they are looking for places to play in the Pittsburgh area.

If you would like to ask any questions or if you would like us to play a party or gig or something like that you could E-mail us at FlipLBZ@aol.com

Voll- Rythem guitar and back up singer. He has written songs such as "Key to your heart" and "Nobody's Coming Around to See Us" and he has also co-written songs such as "Misc.Debriss", "Brim" and "Hesitate". He was formally from the band "Discontinued Use" but the band decided to break up after he wanted in on S.F.Firehydrant.

Stubs- Stubs is the newest member of  S.F.Firehydrant.
He helped to put more of the punk sound in the band.Stubs was also a member of the band "Discontinued Use".After that band broke up Voll asked the guys if they would mind if Stubs could try out S.F. gave him a chance and now stubs is better than ever.

June 14th
S.F.Firehydrant will be playing at Ross Community Park at 6:00.
Admission $3
Opening bands:
44 Max
The Melbas

We would like to thank The Galuska's for all of their help and for letting us use their house to practice and play parties.We would also like to thank Jon Pinkerton

for letting us use his equipment and for letting us practice at his house.

Special Thanks: Brim, Toodles, Skala,Farris, Jarome, B,Voll's parents, Goober, Tooch, 44 max, P,

without the help of these people S.F. would never be as good as they are today.