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In fall 1995, Dr. Don, sports medicine physician and exercise physiologist, was researching the issue of rehabilitation following diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. He realized that widespread restrictions on exercise in relation to breast cancer amounted to little more than myth making and concluded that, since everyone's health depends to some extent on regular activity, breast cancer survival was not different. Dr. McKenzie determined that the sport of dragon boating would be ideal for women recovering from breast cancer.


West Island Dragons was formed in 2003. following in the footsteps of the “Abreast in a boat” team from Vancouver started by Dr. Don McKenzie.

There are currently 27 members on the team ranging in age from 30 something to over 70 . These cancer survivors of one year to twenty five years are a varied group of individuals with many different interest: who share a common belief, and determination to live full, active lives, support other breast cancer survivors through friendship, role modeling, and by raising the community’s awareness of breast cancer.