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Welcome to my Home  Away From Home!! Please come in and have a seat. Come closer I dont bite.......hard.....LOL....just joking with ya.Well stay awhile take a load of your feet, and float around here and ENJOY!!!!!
Well Hello, I'm so glad you chose to join me. Since your going to stay awhile, let me introduce myself. My name is Barbara, and I'm 21 years old as of Sept 5th 2001. I am currently attending TNCC, in Hampton VA. Hey see the pic on the right thats me earlier this year (2001).Well thats just a little taste of who I am. Below I have a list of links to choose from, take a look!
My wonderfull site to English Class
Great Sites, By Great People
The Cat Corner, Inc.
Ground Zero, NY
Heidi's WebSite
Pentagon Pic's Now Here
Have FUN
You can either Email me, or look below see if I'm online, if so talk to me there!!
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