the absolutely true story of two boys in love

an absolutley true story of two boys in love

wait a minute, thats not entirely true. only one of us is still a boy, the other one only thinks he's still a boy...come to think of it, the bastard is quickly approaching "that age" and still gets ID'd...

Care for a trip down memory lane?

Skip the sappy stuff and go straight to the goods!

The pain, oh, the PAIN!

The types of pain

painus intha assus
this is the type of pain experienced when he comes home at the end of the day bearing a brand-apnking-new state-of-the-art home theatre, and you've been scrimping pennies and eating kraft dinner
painus contusionus
this occurs randomly and unexpectedly, like when you find out that the home theatre "just doesn't go" with the color of the living room walls, and he threw away the reciept

Want some fruit??

  • go to the fridge
  • go to the cupboard
  • go to the pantry
  • get a life
  • or maybe something a little SINFUL sometimes

  • cookies
  • cake
  • ice cream
  • cherry garcia with chocolate rock!
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        • What HTML is
        • How to Write HTML
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    • Bell
    • Chile
      • Serrano
      • Jalepeno
      • Habenero
      • Anahiem
    • Szechuan
    • Cayenne

    We'd all get along much better if you'd stop being so silly

    YOU must open the can before drinking

    #include "trans.h"

    Type in the following command: find . -name "prune" -print

    chown your_name_the_file

    The URL for that page is

    Styles that are named on how they are used sre called character styles

    Eggplant has been known to cause extreme nausea in many unsuspecting people (Lemay, 1994)

    Want to go to the art store??

    hush now my baby be still love dont cry sleep like youre rocked by the srtream sleep and remember my lullaby and i'll be with you when you dream drift on a river that flows through my arms drift as i'msinging to you i see you smiling so peaceful and calm and holding you i'm smiling too here in my arms safe from all harm, holding you i'm smiling too only have 3/4of a sandwich ahardm

    i have taken the Straight Acting quiz at straight acting I scored an 8 on the femininity scale, although i really dont think it was accurate, i'm not really that effeminate...ok, so i know the word effeminate and can use it in a sentence, but that doesnt mean anything!!

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