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Hi! I'm Ken. My son is a huge Jeff Gordon fan. Together we are "Two For 24!" Our trading and collecting has slowed down tremendously with working many hours and my son growing older and moving on to riding quads, paintball, rc cars and everything else 16 year olds do. Due to my work schedule and my son's other interests, sometimes we do not look at trades or trading sites all the time, so please be patient with us. On this site we have tried to put together a complete list of ALL the Jeff Gordon trading cards ever released and will continue to update with each new release. We would really love to hear your input on any cards or variations that are missing from our list so we can make it as complete as possible. If you see one of these Green Arrows it means we need that card for our collection. If you know of any
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Thanks, enjoy, and please sign our guestbook.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a large collection (~150,000 cards) of sets, subsets, singles and inserts (sorry, none of my son's cards are for sale) at a reasonable price, please contact us.

The Gordon State

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