Features Shockwave games, lots of animal facts, and information about conservation. From the Wildlife Conservation Society.
View pictures, video clips and read facts about creatures that live in the Sahara desert
Learn about all kinds of amazing creatures from around the world. This Web site has interactive games, activities, jokes, trivia and areas for you to submit your own creations. designed to introduce preschoolers to the world of animals
Learn about the different subspecies of tigers and threats to their survival.
Meet the growing herd of happy elephants at this elephant sanctuary in Tennessee. See pictures of them eating, bathing, hanging out and playing in the mud! Learn more about these intelligent, sensitive, friendly and playful creatures
Learn facts about endangered animals, print lots of coloring pages of animals, solve puzzles and quizzes, read about the web of life, and more.
In this fun game you gather clues about birds, mammals, insects, arachnids, reptiles, amphibians andfish, to guess the mystery creatures. As you collect information, you'll also see parts of a picture of the hidden animal. There are lots of interesting facts and fun graphics on this site.
Tour the Ettamogah Wildlife Sanctuary with Etta the Koala to learn about Australian animals. You can also color, solve a word search, listen to songs, make a climbing koala and a jumping kangaroo
Do you want a four-legged furry friend? Before you get a dog be sure to visit this site. Join 3 collies, Cody, Kelly and Trouper, as they teach you what it is like to have a dog and how to be a responsible dog owner.
This online exhibit teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about cats: cat facts, behavior, biology, conservation, cats A to Z, Egypt and domestication, and lots more.
Play bat games, learn about bats, where they live, what they eat, what they really look like, why they aren't birds, how they help humans, and how you can help protect this endangered species
Looking for information about animals? This site offers the Animal Information Database where you can find facts and fun facts about a variety of land and sea creatures. This database was made especially for kids.