Number Time - five different games to check your basic skills
Number Cracker - three levels of difficulty from which to choose for these pattern activities
Great for all ages
multi-award winning site with games, puzzles and interactive activities
- designed for the pure enjoyment of mathematics
Math Cats
- magic chalkboard takes you to interactive math activities and maths art gallery
- includes geometry, symmetry, tessellations, probability, animation
- continuation of Maths Year 2000
- mission to popularise maths, making it a 'can-do' subject
- hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills.
- Interactive Practice on every page
A Maths Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather
Maths A - Z.  Lots of fun here.
An interactive, animated site that explains over 400 common mathematical terms in simple language.
Loads quickly and is easy to use. Needs Flash 5 plugin.
Escape from Knab
A maths adventure online (requires Shockwave): Earn and save enough money on the planet Knab in order to buy your return ticket to Earth on July 4th. Learn about budgeting, saving, writing cheques using credit cards and more by playing this adventure game.