Random Insanity Squared
where "sane" doesn't even exist.
people have had seizures since this site opened
Hello, and welcome to Random Insanity Squared, with your hostesses Jess and Nicole.  Jess and Nicole are two very insane girls from a wonderful small town in the valley in Connecticut.  Here you will find a collection of what they call Random Insanity.  Random Insanity is just some blurbs from their minds: babbling, if you will.  Some of them are self-explainatory.  Others you will look at and think "What the *@!^ is that about?!?"  These may have links to explainations.  Then you will probably go "Ohhh!...Well that's stupid."  Be patient, though.  Jess and Nicole will be adding more lnks as their webpage progresses.  Now, click on the links below, and be prepared to enter the realm of....

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