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Welcome. Thank you for visiting here.

This web site was built especially to introduce you to
Slide Down My Cellar Door : A NOVEL. "Slide" is non-stop drama filled with macabre incidents any of us might have experienced. And "Slide Down My Cellar Door" explores family violence and pedophilia and holds some moral surprises that will make you take a second look--at yourself and your relationships and at what you believe and where you learned it.

You may
preview, read reviews, and order the book on-line through major booksellers.

And while you’re here, please rummage around and enjoy a few of my other
writings, some house-and-gardening tips, my thoughts of the week (I welcome discussion), and a collection of my favorite photographs.
Amazon gives it:
This Week's Thought
"...Principles... disguise the lust for power." (James, Donald. Monstrum. Random, New York, 1997. 343.
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