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Maybe Dave Sayer wanted to ask my social security number before they issued a check-because of the taxes. I pictured Sayer in my mind, a nice man with a friendly face. I looked forward to talking to him on the phone.

And I thought of what I would do with the money. Help my grown children, first. One daughter needed a new car to get back and forth to work, another was saving for a high-tech computer, and my son was barely making it in California as a computer consultant. The youngest boy, too, needed help.
But what about liability? If I had won a million dollars-five million-ten million-would somebody fall on our front step and sue us? Dave Sayer would know about that.

I had often marveled at the ingenuity of the sweepstakes’ come-ons. For example, when early in 1995 I had entered my first Readers’ Digest sweeps, I received an "official" letter from a New York banker, offering to advise me about investing my soon-to-be fortune. I was to watch the mail for special information.

I got excited that time, too.
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