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Iraqi Crude Oil Specifications

Sort Kirkuk Basrah Light Basrah Medium Basrah Heavy
Gravity 36 34 30 24
Sulfur 2.0 1.9 3.3 4.2
BBLS/MT 7.46 7.361    
MO-GAS .3602 .3270    
DIST. .4182 .4106    
F/O .2216 .2623    
PCT.S.F/O 4.65 4.02    

All parties agree to a tolerance level of plus /minus 10% for test results to the quality unless otherwise stated.  The goods to be supplied under the present contract shall be crude oil in conformity with the specification as above which is an integral part of this contract.  Seller and Supplier responsibility with regards to the quality of the goods delivered is limited to the above mentioned specifications.

Quality and Quantity Inspection
Sampling and Testing of each cargo for quantity and quality (Q&Q) shall be carried out by international inspector, i.e. Fidelity Associates, LLC agency mutually

Fidelity Associates, LLC specializes in selling its oil on term contracts.  Due to the nature of the product and the consequent fluctuations in prices, please use our Fast Track Form to request our latest and most competitive prices..


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