Two of a Kind Newsletter
Two of a Kind Newsletter
What can we say ... CUTTER'S was a huge success !!!  The place was packed, everybody was ready to party, Two of a Kind was at its best ... Everything came together in perfect harmony... Feedbarck from many in hte crowd is that EVERYBODY had a blast !!!  Even Elvis had to come check it all out ... WE are very pleased that "friends of the band" came out in record number.  We want to say a big thank you for your support.  You all came through for us.  Two of a Kind has been together for 2 years now and to break into a very popular club such a sCutter's... WOW ... just let me say that most of  the time it takes 4 to 5 years to work your way up that far....  Thank you again for supporting Two of a Kind ... and a big thank you to Ben at Cutter's for giving us a shot !!! We were told that the next "spot" there will be in July and we will definatly be back.

We had a very special guest with us Friday night.  We were in need for  drummer to play this date and Mr. Glen Lukin graciously filled in with us ... And what a time we had with  him ... Glen is known around the metroplex for being one of the hottest Karaoke Shows around ... OnStageEntertainment ... Gary and I met Glen soon after we started Two of a Kind and immediately found a "friendship" with him.  Glen is great guy and is VERY talented !!! He drums for the group "Impact", a popular rock band in the metroplex.  I understand that last Friday night was a first for him...Playing "country" beats for a change.... And what a job he did !!! Thanks Glen for a great job ...

As you all can see, I'm writing this newsletter ... Gary is fine, I'm just giving him a "break" from the computer ... He has spent countless hours doing and doing for Two of a Kind ... it does get somewhat overwhelming at times ... After a visit with him, I'll be writing hte newsletter for the website.  Keep visiting the site to watch for new things in store for Two of a Kind ... We'll continue to keep you informed with old news as well as new news ... AND if you have never had the chance to see one of our shows ... Make a special effort to do so.  I can promise you great enteratinment and a great time.  Until next time ... God bless and make today and tomorrow ... TWO OF A KIND !!!

Everyone have a good week

Gary, Mike, Dennis, and Debbie

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