Questioning Your Motives

written by:  Matt Tardiff

Empty Songs,
Taking the joy out of music.
For riches, living with power,
Empty with greed
30 writers,
One catchy tune,
Blank word mean nothing,
But at least the money goes to
Who am I to judge you?  To question you?
Just ask yourself this,
When it's all said and done,
Have you made a difference?
Have you changed someone?
Or are you a fucking waste?
Left to fade away.
Will you regret it?
After you've been digested and rejected,
Spit out for another fad. 

=Ladies' Man
Written by: Matt Tardiff

Trying to impress the girls,
With things I do,
Never ending up with you,
I smile and wave,
And you snuff me to my face,
Hearing words behind my back
"He's such a loser."
"Who the hell still wheres suspenders"
I tried to get your eyes with my fancy skateboard moves,
All i got was a face full of ground,
Mumbling words that make sense,
Getting from you ignorance.
You finally noticed me,
And threw me a frisbee,
I fumble it and the next thing I know,
You're gone.
I got some lady troubles,
Same wich I can't Explain.
"So Shawn, are we breaking up?"
"Yeah sure, why not?"

I Used To Work At Wendys
Written by: Matt Tardiff

Fascists, Fascists, I hate you fucking all,
Take away my weekends,
Fuck you, I don't need your money,
Don't tell me what to do,
I heard you once, don't say it again,
Fuck you, I steal your cookies,
So what are you gonna do?
I'll show you a fucking fire hazard.
Fuck you Dave, fuck you Dave,

Note: We have more lyrics then this it's just we are to fucking lazy to acually put them on the site 
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