- ????
- 9th of March. (The Oi's basement show, special thanks to Willful Blindness)

- Saturday March 24th Queenswood heights community center, with Fistfull, Loki, Skinfish, OrganizedChaos, Reshot

- Basement show @ John's May 4th

- St. Matt's coffee house

- P-Doggs backyard BBQ June 23

-Saturday, June 30th @ Renfrew Recreation Center (Renfrew) - w/ Riptides,Seral, AKA, Operation Masturbation

- Shawn and Johnny played a show some time in late July early August @ Queenswood heights

- Jess Mealys party August 8th

- Sept. 1st Roy G. Hobbs : Organized Choas, Burnout(Stuck Right Here)  and the Lost Cuase

- Oct. 20 Queenswood heights w/ Loki, FAQ, Organized Chaos, DofT, Lost Cuase, Donor Party...
Fuck, this place is fucking cursed, worst show that we ever played.. the other bands kicked our ass. musically.

- Nov 2 @ Roy G. Hobbs  w/ Loki, Superfishels,OrganizedChaos,
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