Tales of Dos Palos
Tales of Dos Palos
december 24, 2001
      ( 1:55:33 PM ) Don  
I sent a bunch of you the Yatta video a couple of days ago. Who knew these guys were so popular? Check out the flash animation of what Yatta REALLY means in Japanese!

Happy Holidays everyone!
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december 23, 2001
      ( 9:53:56 AM ) Don  
Well...now that Excite@Home has died and AT&T Broadband has their act together (well...somewhat), I can start posting my blog again (yea!). I was losing my DNS connection and everytime I went to post something, I'd lose it. Anyways, its nice to be back! :)
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november 29, 2001
      ( 12:36:29 PM ) Don  
Most of us already knew there isn't really a Santa Claus, but now we have scientific proof.
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november 28, 2001
      ( 2:48:16 PM ) Don  
I suppose I should explain where "Tales of Dos Palos" originated from since I've had a few people ask. Dos Palos is the Spanish variant of Two Sticks, which happens to be my nickname. Why Two Sticks? Well..sit down for a spell as I get to tell you one of the more humorous tales of my life...

You see...I play ice hockey. I love the sport. I've played it for over 6 years and have never regretted it. Not only do I play ice hockey, I also happen to play what is arguably one of the most toughest and thankless positions - goalie. Goalie's get to wear and use equipment that isn't only different from regular hockey gear, but also much more expensive. When I first started to play, I couldn't afford to the best or even new gear and got along with what I could afford.

I was in playoff game when I played for the Wolverines. We were ahead 6-5 with 6 minutes left in the game. I was feeling good...this was a team that had beaten us before, but we were ahead and playing defensively. But as anyone who plays hockey knows...anything can happen with 6 minutes left in a game.

The puck was shot into my end of the ice and a defenseman picked it up, as he started to skate up with it, an opposing team's forward took the puck away from him and waited for his team to assemble in my end of the ice. He shoots the puck in and there is a scramble in front of the net. I got down, smother the puck, but 4-5 players fall on me. I know I have the puck, but my stick ended up at a weird angle....*SNAP!*

As everyone gets up, I see my stick laying on the ice...the shaft snapped at the paddle. There is a brief moment of silence as everyone takes in the situation. I can see my team captain scouring the bench for my back up stick. Problem is...there wasn't one. Goalie sticks run $50+ and I could only afford one. Now what? One of my defensemen hands me his extra stick and I end up playing the remainder of the game with a non-goalie stick. I have to say that I have *never* seen any team I have played for play as defensively as they they did for those remaining 6 minutes. We won the game 6-5.

In the locker room, I was berated and cajoled for not having an extra stick on me. I patiently explained the cost of goalie sticks and the economics of my personal finances. They weren't amused. About two weeks passed before we were on the ice for the following season. As I was changing in the locker room for our first game back, the captain comes in and presents me with two of my favorite Heaton goalie sticks. The nickname "Donny Two Sticks" was almost immediately applied. I, as well as everyone else, almost died laughing. As time went on, it was shortened to just Two Sticks. To this day, anyone that knows me from hockey, knows me as "Two Sticks" and it has now spread to my online presence as well. I suppose, being a goalie, its better than being called "Sieve" or "Colander" and it has become and endearing term. So if you happen to see me roaming about the bay area, bark out "Hey, Two Sticks!!" and I'm sure to respond.

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november 25, 2001
      ( 2:16:08 PM ) Don  
Well...this is it. My storied life full of anecdotes, tall tales, and musings all to be retold for the world to see. Seeing that I have a ton of time on my hands since I've been laid off yet again and with much prodding my good friend and weblog legend Ernie, I decided to take the plunge. Lord knows where this is going to lead.
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