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2005-07-25 Added Toshi Book 2 chapter 3
2004-07-27 Added Neko No Chapter 5
2004-05-18 Added Toshi Book 2 chapters 1 and 2
2002-12-30 Added ch 4 to Neko No, also new low-maintenance page.
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My Complete (more-or-less) Ranma 1/2 Fanfics

Thought of the Mongoose Complete (but chapters 4-8 still in draft form)
(Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)
Akane meets an old woman who wants her revenge on Cologne, but is in dying in the hospital. Akane agrees to learn the technique this woman has developed to defeat the Amazon Matriarch. Will Akane become the most powerful martial artist in Nermia? Eight parts of eight, parts 4-8 are still in draft form.
Saotome-san was kind enough to send me some artwork based on this story: Ranma and Akane Sparing and Akane fighting Ukyou and Mousse.

Countdown Complete, posted on RAAC
An older (mid-20's) Akane sits up waiting for midnight, when something important - and bad - will happen.
This fanfic is also archived on Remi's Ranma 1/2 Fanfictions Page. A great page for Ranma & Akane fans.

Just Not Proper Complete (draft)
Akane decides she WILL NOT keep pushing Ranma away anymore. And like a pebble starting a rock slide...

One of the Family Complete, unposted
Warning: My first fanfic, contains episodes of bad writing. Ranma runs off somewhere every Tuesday, returning depressed. Akane finds that trying to help him will cost her. Story is kind of flat, but overall an okay read.

Proper Punishment Complete, posted (largeish, about 90K)
Tied for second best one-shot of the month March 1999. Vote for your favorite here.
Ranma is forced to play parent when Akane reverts to her old (pre-Ranma) behavior.

Talking to Myself Complete (draft)
The path of Akane's life changes thanks to a late night conversation.

Incomplete Fanfics (That I intend to finish)

Toshi-chan Incomplete, unposted (but see note), Last update July 25, 2005
Genesis. Book 2: 1 2 3
Akane's aunt brings over a little boy. But even Ranma can tell that there's something strange going on. "Genesis" is the first part of all the books and the beginning of book 1. It is mostly stand-alone, but the book 1 timeline will not be continued. The book 2 timeline will be contined and is a lot more fun anyway.

The Loving Arts Last update Sept 17, 2000
(Chapters: 1-Inheritance 2-Unacceptance)
Thanks to Genma and Soun's cowardice, Ranma is Happosai's heir. What if that meant inheriting some techniques a little more...direct...than stealing panties. Includes a tiny bit of angst and a definite helping of lime.

Neko No Last update July 27, 2004
(Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5
Over the last few yearws the Nekoken has slowly taken over Ranma's mind. Now he decides to end it all before he loses control completely. He takes poison and dies in Akane's arms. But Akane has never been one to give up...

RSK (working title) Last update June 19, 2002
(Chapters: prelude 1)
This is the companion story to Neko No. In this story it's Ranma who travels back in time and changes things. (What can I say, I think time travel is cool). Of course Ranma tends to deal with things rather differently than Akane. Thanks to Trent for his help on this story (now if I'd only finish it!). Suggestions for the title welcome.

Officer Hiyashi Last update July 31, 2000
(Chapters: 1)
In the aftermath of the failed wedding attempt (after the end of the series) tensions mount in Nermia. Ranma decides it's time to enlist some help from the local police.

Ranma Gets Tough Last update Sept 19, 2001
(Chapters: 0 1)
Ranma is a bit of an emotional wimp. What if he decided enough was enough? This has been delayed mostly because I keep making Ranma too nice whenever I work on it.

Bennai Last update June 19, 2002
(Chapters: 1 2) Link to chapter 2 works now!
Ranma and Genma show up at the Tendo's for the first time. Unlike the original story they find that something terrible has happened. The name doesn't mean anything anyone is likely to figure out.

Children Last update July 25, 2000
(Chapters: 1-Meetings 2-Considerations)
A visitor from the future comes to Ryoga bearing 'gifts' and a tale of an insane Happosai. (More time travel, but only as a setup).

Miko Last update July 21, 2001
(Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5)
Miko is a thirty-something waitress at a men's club who is also an old friend of Soun Tendo's. Then there is a misunderstaning and suddenly Soun and Miko are married. Script format. Origionally part of Married Too, which can be found in the graveyard.

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