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The warm south wind filled the sail, sending the white hull through the briny swells,

Casting off the shackles of land and time,
My mind and spirit emancipated by the shimmering sky and agate sea.

Going on  and on forever, sky, sea, and my soul, melting together as one.

Puffs of cotton candy clouds above,
and the sigh of a southern born breeze in my ears,

The western sun, kissing my hair,
No smog, or belching busses.

No rushing or faceless throngs,

Just the sky, sea, and me.


My gaze falls upon you and I behold a glowing sunset in your eyes, warm and inviting

Moonbeams and starfire gleam and dance in the golden highlights of your silken hair,

Your smiles and laughter lights my evenings like an Aurora in the northern heavens,

That laughter tumbles from your soft honyed lips, like singing mountain streams in a quiet forest.

Your voice is like the singing of songbirds on a spring morning at our country cottage,

As you walk before me you are like the morning mist gliding over an autumn lake,

Like that mist, your incredible beauty glides toward me infiltrating all my senses like an intoxicating red wine,

Your glowing velevet skin, the soft curves of a perfect body and a perfect face.

A work of art from the hand of God.